Friday, December 18, 2009

Return - part 5

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He was driving towards the hill. From the cliff one could see the whole town with green forest and patches of lakes that dotted their beautiful town. It was her favourite spot, the cliff, she had yearned to visit it but not now. But suddenly, the idea of CLIFF sent terror down her throat.

“Piyu” came a voice from the driving seat and she was startled. It was a soft voice, a brotherly one, one she always wanted to hear. He had never called her that way. He never called her Piyu. His voice suddenly seemed sweet and she wanted him to speak more. But at once the thought repulsed. Perhaps it was just her imagination, she always wanted a big brother. This can’t be real, is it ?

She realised they had reached the cliff. He pulled her out from the passenger seat. They reached the cliff end. “I don’t want to die”, she muttered the broken words trembling, but too low for him to hear. “What ?” he said. “Sit down here. I’ll get some ice-creams for us. Which flavour you’ll have, Chocolate ?” he asked. His tone sounded…different than usual. Did they sound like…happy ?

Bingo! she would have answered him but instead she reversed just to contradict him “Strawberry” she muttered. He said something in low which she caught, she was being cautious, I don’t even know what you like! She regretted at once. What’s happening ? she was confused…is this real ?

He was back with the ice creams. He had chocolate for himself and she cursed herself for her unwanted stupidity. There was a silence for few seconds. They watched the town with wonder, how beautiful it looked. She felt the urge to see the lakes at once. She was trying to distract herself from him.

“Piyu, I am sorry” he said. She looked at him. His ice cream was almost finished. He is fast like always, she thought. His was looking away from her. His voice sounded sad but warm and she suddenly felt like he appeared to her as her dada. But the word dada wasn’t even remotely associated to him, He hates you and you too hate him, you remember ? her mind snapped again. Err…she cried under breath unknowing if it was to him or her mind…

“Piyu, I want to confess…”, he continued in his warm voice. She felt the ice cream melting down her hand, but she let it. He was still looking away.


To be continued…

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll post the last part.


  1. Yay! I liked this part! Her sense of confusion sometimes we can be so suspicious.

  2. @Mia
    Thanks :) Hmm...sometimes our mind deceives us.


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