Thursday, December 17, 2009

Return – part 4

He smiled and she shuddered. It was his The peculiar cruel smile, lips curled from his right reaching his ears…He hasn’t changed, her heart started beating faster. Part 3
The house looked freshly arranged, perhaps for her visit. She felt presence of a strange aura in the house, not exactly good but somewhat uncomfortable. Was it their parents or her brother, she couldn't figure. Perhaps it was just the time, the gap, that she was away. Things change over time and then we feel strange about them when they turn out different from our picture in mind, she tried to reason.

When she came out of her bedroom, she was drawn to the kitchen. “Gaajar halwaa!!” she exclaimed and almost hopped to kitchen. “Thanks mommy…” she smiled ear to ear. After a long and exotic lunch she was ready to threw herself on bed. After such a long time did she got to taste home food, prepared by her mother. Her brother was missing at lunch and she was thankful to God for that. Yesterday night, she had heard the arguments even tough they were meant to be suppressed. Something that bothered was the thing he'd carried as he 'd storm out of the house, bottle of alcohol.

“Priyanka, c’mon lets go for a drive”, she herd a voice from behind. She involuntarily turned with shock and regretted at once, that saying no would have been easy without facing. But there she stood, frozen facing  him. Nikhil pulled her by her hand and she didn’t protest. How would she ? What will he do ? Will he take her to his friends and insult her or make her drink alcohol or take her to cliff and threaten her to push her if she doesn’t leave them ?

There were more possibilities but she dared not to think of them. “You know Priyanka, I HATE YOU”, the words played in the background…but she let him take her… she knew how coward she was.

P.S. Just 2 more to go....


  1. aha!! So she goes out with her STRONG dada..
    she should not be worried about anything in case just those rate 7 typhoons and tsunamis..

    Jokes apart..this is getting more interesting... I see... lots of confusion... mind is a terrible thng..and the game....faarrrr from ovaa..rrr

  2. @Socerer
    Yea, mind is a terrible can make you run even if you are miles away from sea.


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