Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Return – part 3

“Piyu, your dada will pick you up” Her mother had said. The words kept growling in her mind with different monstrous effects. “Dada? Step-brother? Nikhil?” she babbled in her sleep. She was having a nightmare. Part 2

The train stopped and she got down with her luggage. She was happy and nervous at the same time “Nikhil” the name knocked in her mind. She couldn't recall when did she had called him dada, a big brother. Her eyes searched frantically on the station, still hoping that he doesn't turn up. But she saw him standing, relaxed, leaning at the wall, at the exit. She had never seen him in person in few years, just some family pics that her mother had shown. He was staring at her. As soon as their eyes met, he started towards her. She dropped her gaze, her heart pounding. “Nikhil” the fear again knocked her.

He was wearing a rugged jeans and T-shirt. There was a light smile on his face. He hugged her but she stood straight and rigid.

“How are you, Priyanka ?” she noticed that his voice was now solid. She remembered his childhood wicked laugh, the brittle voice then, yet a damaging one. “Huh ?” he snapped. “Huh…ya…fine”, she managed to whisper. He smiled again, just lightly. He picked her bag and started walking towards the exit. She followed him.

His chubby face was now grown into a lean manly face, she noticed. The stubble made him fairly attractive. But there was a sadness on his face. The dark circles under his eyes talked about something. She wasn’t sure if it was sadness or something else, the darkness, the cruelty. He knew she was studying him in quick glances from the corner of her eyes. He smiled and she shuddered. It was his The peculiar cruel smile, lips curled from his right reaching his ears…

He hasn’t changed, her heart started beating faster.

To be continued...


  1. Hmmm. I liked the part. The way you described him as fairly attractive and the light smile which lead me to believe he was nice! :D *looks can be deceiving* I can't wait for the next part now to see what the dada does!

  2. nice build up :)
    your link to Part 2 needs to be updated here :D
    I read all the parts so have improved on this one..very nice yar

  3. you really do have a pretty wicked imagination :) Nice to be back.

  4. I wonder who is more cruel..... the bro or you!

    You're not finishing the story! At least tell me how many more parts to go?

  5. i have been reading from part 1 and my interest is just growing by the day :)

  6. murdered DADA!!!
    His character..
    he should be smelling like an ashtray and acting all weird..looking at chicks (shamelessly ofcourse)


    hmm...its time can change a man...

  7. @Mia
    Thanks for reading.Well, good that you are liking it.

    Thanks for notifying. Will change it. Thanks for appreciating. Good that saglyana avadtay...

    Ya you can blame my mind. It IS pretty wicked, I don't show ;) haha, will you believe that ?
    btw, you have dissapered...

    haha, that's the best comment I have recieved.. :)

    Thanks. You can read further, m sure you would like it, atleast I hope so.... would be putting the rest posts soon

    hehe...not exactly ashtray ;)
    ya, characters are always interesting to study...

    Guys, Thanks for showing so much interests :)

  8. @Anirudh
    hmm...mi baghtey tula marathi kaa shikaychay ? any secret ? ;) tujhi monthertongue konti ahe ?

  9. arey asa kahich nai aahe :P...majhi mothertongue hindi aahe ..ajun sanag :D

  10. Me attaparyant kuthlyach post var marathi madhe comment keli nahiye... hi majhi pahili vel ahe! pan chhaan vatatay!

    shevatchya bhaagachi vaat baghtoy.... poorna athawada jhoplo nahiye! lol

    guess wat the captcha says..... "disto"
    marathi again! lol

  11. @Saurabh
    marathimoli marathi... :)
    next part ready ahe :) hope tula avdel. Ani vachul zalyava toda padh..i mean zop ghe ;)


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