Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Return – part 1

She was playing with her dolls. Their small dresses, comb, earrings were lying on the ground. “Are you hungry ? wait baby, I have food for you” she was talking to them in a motherly tone that her mommy used for her. Being just 4, the dolls were everything for her.

He came and sat beside her. She looked at him. “Will you play with me, dada* ?” she asked him with an increased enthusiasm. “See, I am feeding Dimple” she said. He snickered which took her aback.

“Dimple, huh ?”, he smiled, right end of his lips curved to his ears. He took the doll and twisted so badly that the neck and torso were ripped apart.

Her eyes widened and face twisted and she began sobbing, “Dada* You broke my doll. I will not talk to you.”

He threw a wild smile, as if her sobbing gave him a pleasure and also an encouragement. “You know how I did it ?” He picked her other doll, caressed her hair and twisted her to break her too. This made her break into bigger cry. Her hands tried to reach him to beat him but he shoved her away. She fell down. “You killed my Simple too.I will tell mummy. I will ask her to beat you”. 

He moved closer, narrowed eyes showing a cruel look, “You know Priyanka, I hate you…”He laughed loudly and watched her running in small steps to the kitchen.


To be continued…

* Dada – Big brother


  1. @ megha,

    the childhood stories of innocence are really heartwarming to hear and read ...

    i guess from childhood, the bhaiya rules over his behna ...

    cheers !

  2. dada fully deserves to be smacked on the head multiple times! :D

  3. wow!! I see leadership qualities in DADA unlike all the above comments

    *sigh!! nobody appreciates talents these days

  4. Dadaz gonna grow up, get a sex change operation and be a vampish bitch in an Ekta Kapoor serial! lol

  5. @Vamsi
    haa...thankfully i have no bhaiya :) no, but it's a sweet relationship, and i reallly miss it.

    @Zeba & Shweta
    Thanks for reading...

    haha..i would have done that ;) I definitly would have waged war on him.

    hmm...I knew...tum sachhi me pagal ho

    God, m never gonna write that.....


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