Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Return – part 2

Continued from here

In one month, she would complete her higher secondary. She was very happy. From past several years, she was at the boarding school and what the most made her happy was thinking of the vacation. She yearned to return to home, her home, meet parents and other friends. But it always turned the other way. Her parents always declined her this wish and insisted on them visiting her. She had to content herself with just that.

As the years grew her eagerness had increased. And this time made it clear that she would visit them no matter whether they want it or not. And they had agreed, and she was now counting the days down. 

But every time she thought of her return, one thing always ruined the beautiful time she had planned in her mind. Her brother. She had learnt that he was his step brother. Their parents were divorced before remarrying. He would be big now. What will I say to him ? Will he talk to me or harm me ? She hadn’t talked to him all these years and had decided that she would maintain it on her visit unless the situation inevitably demands. “You know Priyanka, (a pause) I hate you…” his words played on her mind and she shivered for a second. He had always been malevolent to her and had always reminded that he can only hate her. They say that time heals the wound, but she knew that it has deepened in her case. How will she face him ?

That day she she had her last exam paper which had gone well. She had to leave the same weekend. She had already bought the train tickets in advance. In the evening, she got call from her parents. They were happy that she would finally come back. Though they were the ones who had stopped her to visit them every vacation. She had always wanted to, this amused her but she discarded the thought. She would be at home and that’s what matters the most. She was happy. But the last words of her mom made her jump, shudder.

“Piyu, your dada will pick you up” Her mother had said. The words kept growling in her mind with different monstrous effects. “Dada? Step-brother? Nikhil?” she babbled in her sleep. She was having a nightmare.

To be continued...


  1. She should show "leadership" qualities this time! :D

    On a serious note the step brother sounds a little creepy but he might turn out to be nice guy. That's my prediction for now. Can't wait to read the next part!

  2. @mia & Saurabh
    Thanks for reading....and please don't write the story...I'll post it soon...

  3. Yeah!!!
    Dada...will come and kick you..
    oops..pick you
    lol!! I am loving it..

    on a serious for the resht!!(is it note or knote?)

  4. @Socerer
    I think dada and you match ;)


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