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The Forsaken - Part 10

The day passed with discussion about possibilities, concerns and solutions.

Next day arrived. It was evening. The grandmother had already placed the diary in its usual place. This time the water with medicine was absent, it was not required in the presence of the doctor Vikram and doctor Natasha. Nikhil was in his room. After their past attempt, he was very disturbed, plaintive, the very reason why the grandmother was turning cold shoulder on the doctor. This would be his last chance and he was already feeling the pressure. They were chatting in the living room when they heard the sound.


He was walking in the compound towards the school. With every step, the loathly memories were clawing in. The compound was dark, deserted. He was walking on the empty portico. Somebody called his name. It came from a distant classroom. He entered inside. It was partly lit, somewhat dark. In the corner was someone standing. He knew the face but today it was a different visage. He felt uncomfortable.

'Sir ?' said the child as he went near him. Then the door was shut. He turned to see another teacher. They were moving towards him....

He could see a face in the window. But he was gagged, his tears screamed for help but only in vain. Abused and anguished, he was shrieking. 'Dare you tell anyone. You will be thrown out of this place. And then where will you go ? Up in the sky to your parents ?' they barked with a cruel laugh. Their eyes expelled fire. He was thrown at the corner. It was grotesque sight. He was torn. Every one was bad. Cruel. The whole world.


The three rushed in the room. The sight was not new to the old women but still painful, ad so was for the doctors to see the calm boy sleeping in the bed just a few minutes ago, turning into this tragic . Vikram had always been emotionally detached to his patients but it was difficult for Natasha. He clutched her shoulder, she looked at him. He nodded, she tried to regain her poise. She nodded. Nikhil had coiled himself and it was her turn to deliver.

'Nikhil', she shouted. 'I will help you. You are not alone. I will trash them'. And she banged the log she had in her hand. Tearing the air she was pulling the log from high head to down. She was thrashing the cruel monsters, it came with vengeance, naturally.


The voice took his attention, the face hiding earlier was out. The girl crept out. But she was now a woman. She had something in her hand. 'I will trash them', she was saying. Her eyes were ogling fire. As the two devils were turning to look what's happening, she brought down the log on their heads. They fell down holding their heads, crying for help. There were series of blow. She was cursing them, trashing. They were groaning. Nikhil was right there, watching in disbelief.

He watched them passing out or perhaps passing away. She was tired, the log fell from her hand, as she stood gasping for breadth.

The memories were dead. The teachers were dead. They will not return. They were killed. The revenge was taken. ...There was someone who cared. He was not alone.
He stood there for sometime looking at her and then ran towards her and embraced her, almost squeezing her.


He came running and clutched her. He didn't say a word. He didn't had to. The message was conveyed. The monsters were killed. The dark night had passed, it was a new dawn, and a new Nikhil was born. She gently stroked her hand on his back. 'Those days are gone. Forget every bad memory. I am your friend. I am there for you'. He clutched her even tighter.

Doctor Vikram and grandmother stood there watching them. Fear was replaced by smiles. Vikram could see the happiness on Grandmother's face. She blessed all three in her mind.


'Just one thing', she said as they stepped out of the house. Something was troubling her. 'I fear, if ever there was any girl present at that time, I fear what she might be going through today'

He knew it could be true. But then they weren't sure. He had some comforting answer, 'She might not even exist. I'll start the therapy and Nikhil will be fine. Anyway. All's well that ends well. Thanks Natasha'. They were by Vikram's car. He would drop Natasha to her home, as he had been doing from past few days. 'Congratulations', she said to him. There was warmth and gratification in her voice. They were lost as their eyes met. Nikhil had brought closer. She hugged him. Tomorrow will be bright day, for all.

The End


  1. Thanks everyone for following the story and giving your valuable time in reading it. I hope I have lived up to your expectations with 'The Forsaken'.

    Feel free to drop a mail(check Contact me form) for your suggestions and comments.

    Thanks a tons !!

  2. Hmmm....Positive ending :(

    But nicely written..

    "Gratitude is burden, Revenge is pleasure" would love to see those teacher being killed, by Nikhil :)

    Good Work Keep it up

  3. @Tarun
    Thanks a lot. Really glad that you like it.

    About revenge, for me, it's incomprehensible that a traumatized little kid would beat the culprits. Most he would do is expect a help.

    Thanks again for reading and keeping patience over a '10 parts' story :)

  4. Natasha was also involved during the time of the victim? I just got confused..But i must have written a 10 part story very nicely. I liked every bit of it..just the concluding part..i was expecting more clarity and ending..but you are yourself a culprit of raising the bar :D

  5. @Anirudh

    Let me try to put more light.

    We saw that, Nikhil sees some face near the window, a kid, but doesn't get any help.

    The doctor doesn't know this but he needs someone to help, one that Nikhil is familiar with, and that too in positive light. So he tries to get Natasha's help as the woman in Red who comes and trashes the culprits.

    In the end, Natasha has a doubt that whether any such person who had witnessed the incident exist. But they leave it there, coz they are not sure.

    I am explaining my story :( Not a good sign.

    Anyway, still I would take your compliment :)

    Thanks again for reading through all the parts :)

  6. Nicely written! :)

  7. Thanks Mia999. Glad to see that you like it.


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