Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Forsaken - Part 1

The night walk had turned out to be interesting. He was new to the place and wanted to familiarize with the surroundings, but the alienated but fallow surroundings were serene yet haunting. With the hectic office schedule, he had not yet made any new friends. So he continued to walk alone in nights, taking in the cool breeze that also brought the saline essence from the sea. After moving from the old jostling area, the new calm and silent roads by the sea, interrupted just by the waves was like a paradise for him. After all he had worked day and night to buy a dream beach side house, tough secluded, it meant a lot to him.

From few days he was feeling clam and good. There was no pressure. But there was some strange thing about this place. Whenever he passed by, just next to that unoccupied bungalow, he hallucinated dark stairs that went up the sky. Limitless, they disappeared in the dark clouds above it. The stairs had a mystic look. No railings but just plain eroded blocks like an archaic stairs that may open a secret door.

He never feared ghost or supernatural powers. And noway he was going to be threatened with this mystery. Am I sick ? Do I need to see a doctor ? He asked himself the question, the question he'd been asking for some days now but feared to know the answer. He even feared to tell anyone, what they may think of him.

Why not have a closer look before confiding in anyone ? He made up his mind, today he would reveal the mystery or whatever it is.

He walked to towards the stairs, slowly, trying to decode the secret in mind, but every glance just annulled the possibility. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he took a reluctant look at the end up, but it seemed limitless. He now had a choice, to buck up and march ahead into this new world, or just turn away and never turn up this path. But his affinity towards demonic fantasy from childhood and his stubborn nature was telling him, what he wanted. He took the first step, up the stairs...

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  1. Thriller till now waiting for more...

  2. Thanks Tarun. Would be posting next part soon.


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