Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Forsaken - Part 2

But his affinity towards demonic fantasy from childhood and his stubborn nature was telling him, what he wanted. He took the first step, up the stairs...Read the First part here

The wild apprehension was making him sweat profusely. His eyes narrow, throat dry desperately seeking for water, mind trying to be attentive every second, in anticipation of something evil to happen any second. He kept his pace slow, rhythmic, with every step watching up and down, gulping the snot down. He was now much high that he couldn't see the bottom of the stairs, just hazy sinisterly fog that added to his vulnerability. He knew he was in danger.

A slight sound. He tried to understand what could it be. Before he could decrypt, it happened just again, as if somebody was approaching down. His eyes were wide open as if not wanting to even a blink, tears rolled down, of fear, of a feeling the end.  It would be too late to try running down. His body was frozen, mind trying hard to find a solution. He knew he had no time. Do something he kept repeating to his mind. He was quivering on the narrow step. Another sound and in impulse he jumped down.

Perplexed, he was shouting with all his might. For a moment he felt he'd lost his voice that he no longer be able to speak. He kept shouting, he was falling and falling, the fast fall kept him from deciphering the dark secret hole, endless, heading nowhere. He was just yelling in reflex, else his brain was out of work. 

Finally a clash. He was dumped down on something. He opened his eyes, red with fear, with face still covered with his hands. Whatever it is, I am going to run away. He had made his mind, realizing, that his mind was back to work and after the initial baneful decision, this time it was working right.

Uncovering his face, he reached his body. Finding himself in one piece, he heaved a deep sigh. He stood up on his shaky legs. With anticipation he looked ahead without looking straight, he was too scared with what had happened with him just now, frustrated, he didn't wanted anything more, he just wanted to escape, just run away.

With what he saw, with quivered face, he was almost going to cry. He was standing just before the stairs. It's back. What to do. He stood there quivering. Collecting all his little courage that was left he looked straight. There was someone standing on the fifth stairs, perhaps waiting for him, perhaps the one approaching down had now reached him. He took a look. The person was looking straight at him. It was a beautiful Lady in red...

Continued here


  1. Bhooootniiiii!


    Jst Kidding
    waiting for more

  2. So there were two entities, one on the stairs and one lady in red? I'm a little confused :p It ~is~ definitely a tense piece, tho, well done :)

    btw - couldn't find "indecent" in here, so is this a 2WW post? Teeheehe! :D

  3. Took my time to read both pieces and I like the tension you've created with this. You are planning to continue, right? I like what you've done so far.

  4. @Tarun
    Don't make assumptions !! ;)

  5. @willow & ThomG
    thanks for reading and appreciating.

    Yes there are 2 posts and there will be more coming to take the story ahead.

    Keep watching this space if you want to know whats next!

    Keep visiting :) Thanks!

  6. Full of tension and fear! A wild ride...

  7. @Gautami & Tumblewords
    Thanks for reading!!


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