Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Forsaken - Part 3

Her almost white face brought a chill down his throat. Her very existence seemed so superficial. But somehow he didn't panic with her appearance. They were silent, looking into each other's eyes. His heart that was beating fast few moments earlier had calm down. Her rheumy eyes were capturing and he followed them as she walked away from him, probable leading him to the mystery he was trying to decode earlier. He followed her. The thought of running away never came in his mind back. He was inadvertently lost to her spell.
She walked few feet ahead of him, having a sly luring glances to him in between. She stopped. He stopped behind her, at a distance. Straight ahead was a large building. He was jolted with the sight. His face turned red. The woman brought him to his Rubicon, the one that had jolted him for years, never wanted to return there. He was restless and now crying. He will not be able to stand it again.
The solitary phone in the solitary clinic rang, perhaps in weeks. Must be some patient, thought the doctor, smiling at the very thought. Its been months he was in the village, and with hardly any patient visiting the clinic, he was now thinking of moving to nearby city.
It was an old woman on the other side. She said she needs his help, for her grand child. She felt the child needs medical help, that after lot of pondering, she had attempted to call the psychiatrist. He advised her to come to his clinic as he would need to learn much about teenager. She said she would visit him at 5.


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