Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Forsaken - Part 6

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He knocked on the door. The door opened immediately, as if she was right at the door waiting for him. He greeted her with a warm Namaste. His arrival was itself a big support for her. He sat at the wooden chair near the window. The window opened into the plush green fields and the cold mountains added the chill. The house was years old, probably passed over generations. The sparse wooden furniture gave it a cosy, inviting feeling. She signalled him to a door at a corner. He nodded. 'I'll get you a tea', she said as she disappeared from hall, but peeking from the corner of the kitchen door.

A knock. No response. Another knock. The door opened. At the door was a handsome guy standing with attentive brown eyes peering him. He didn't look more than nineteen. He looked uncomfortable in front of the new person and his expressive face revealed this to the psychiatrist.

'Hi Nikhil. I am Vikram. You can call me vicky. How are you doing ?', he said with jolly trying to lighten the somber air. But there was no response. He doubted if his first impression was not good on Nikhil. Realizing there would be no answer from the boy, he continued, 'Next to the school, I have my...', and the door shut on his face. He stood there gawking at it. But before the bang he saw something....

The old woman hurried out of the kitchen. She had the apologetic look. 'Please don't mind' she kept saying.

'This is not new to me. It happens to psychiatrist many times. I understand', he said with a smile.

'So what have you decided to do next ? Everything failed till now, the diary, the meeting...' her voice sounding depressed as it cracked.

'I won't call it failure. Both the things gave me some important aspects that will definitely help us. But I admit that it was also not what we thought. Anyway, we have to think of our next option. Do you know by any chance that Nikhil reads the diary ?', he asked even though he knew the answer.

She nodded embarrassingly.

'Fine. We have to try our next option. Please bring Nikhil's diary tomorrow when you visit the clinic.' She nodded as she tried to interpret the doctor's words. Her hopes were reviving.

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  1. :) why cant you finish it soon its killing...the whole suspense thing


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