Monday, December 07, 2009

Stolen Moments : All I want – Part 3

Part 1

“My miss brave” he chuckled, that made her laugh too. They stood hugging for some time just smiling, she acknowledging his presence and he hers. She stroked his back and they kissed. They remained silent for some time, just cuddling. Continued from here – Part 2

Then he stood up as if he remembered something suddenly. “Hey, I forgot, I went to collect some dry sticks for fire.”

“Did you ? I didn’t even ask how I came here”

“Oh ya!” he chuckled “I tend to forget in your presence” “So do I” she was blushing, but the darkness hid it.

“When we returning from Manali, I noted this place. I found it awesome to be alone here at night with you. I made up my mind”. He looked at her. She was looking at him in admiration.

He continued, pleased. “Then in the night you slept. I carried you asleep”

“All this way?” she blurted and then catching herself.

He babbled something, chuckling and then said “No sweetheart, just till the car. And then I droved here. There’s our car” He pointed to something, but she could hardly see anything in the darkness.

He continued “Then I carried you here. I thought it would be great to have a fire. Romantic, isn’t it ? I thought I wouldn’t go much far just few feet away. And I know how you sleep, like a female Kumbhakaran” He laughed. She made a face and pinched his cheeks, giggling.

Then a bewildered expression came to his face. “And as I strode a little away, you were gone. Do you know  how I was afraid ?” She could see his excited and troubled eyes. “He loves me so much” she thought, pleased.

“I know how clumsy you are. I feared you might run like crazy or might fall in the river” he said. This she hadn’t expected. “Idiot” she thought. He saw her changed expression and caught himself. 
“I mean I can’t see you in trouble. I love you so much.” she looked pleased and happy by his assurance.

The river looked more peaceful than hostile now and the trees taller like a perfect background plot.

“And then I found you here, on the verge of tears” he cuddled his hands around her.

“You know what ?” he asked with a loving face. “What ?” she thought she would return his “I love you too.”

“I was watching you. You were so afraid, wobbling, my miss brave” he was laughing loudly holding his stomach. “Idiot” she chuckled and started hitting him that made him laugh harder.

“Helloooo. Laughing to yourself ?…….Shreyaaa ?????”, she grabbed herself. She was at her hotel room, at the window. It was moonlit and scenic. “It was a dream then…” she said under her breath, sad. She glanced at him. He was on the bed with the laptop, like he usually is.

“When will you get time from your work ?” There was no expression on his face. He worked undisturbed, he didn't hear her, he never heard anyone when he worked.

The moonlit meadow looked beautiful. The river growled. The trees looked inviting “All I want is…” she uttered with moist eyes, closed them. She could hear the hounds...

*** The End ***


  1. Dream in a Dream...I thought writing in this few days back, not like this one it was a strange dream, However I must say you used the language beautifully

    Take up writing full time. :)

  2. Agree you should take up writing full time.

    You are a really good writer! You know how to narrate a story!

  3. Wow!! that was really good..

    You have a Recession bail out skill!!

  4. @Tarun, mia & socerer
    Thanks. Writing full time ? I guess not a bad idea. As it is I am bored with IT... ;)

  5. wow marvellous megha this was soo soo touching..i just loved it..i dunno any other way to express but here you go >:D<..this was beautiful trust me

  6. Anirudh,
    M glad that you liked it.
    :) Thanks


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