Monday, December 07, 2009

Stolen Moments : All I want – Part 2

But she knew she wasn’t fine. Her heart was heavy, chocked, and any moment she would burst out. She was still gaping at the growling water.

“How I had the dream to stroke my hands and to swing legs in these mountain waters, but it was all fake, they are just meant to be that way, just to watch. Nobody could, they are too chilling”. She was surprised at her thoughts.

“Am I afraid or loving this chill ? And where is Rahul?”  “It’s just our first honeymoon and where this guy left me ?” “How beautiful it would have been if he were here”. She smiled and caught herself. Dreamy! Rahul always complained. Even in this hostile time, she was dreaming.

She could the hounds again. “Will they come here smelling human ?” Now she sensed trouble. A chill got down her spine and a current passed through her body.

“Rahul Rahul” she whispered as if he could hear. Her eyes were wet and her body froze as she heard some movement behind. She held her breath. This is it, she thought. “Rahul” she whispered.

“Boo” she jumped, yelled but all that came out was a sore dry voice. She turned, her eyes wide, with anger and relief. He laughed. She threw some blows to him that made him laugh harder. “My miss brave” he chuckled, that made her laugh too. They stood hugging for some time just smiling, she acknowledging his presence and he hers and they kissed. They remained silent for some time, just cuddling.

To be Continued...


  1. hmm...okay..nice nice..

    *takes the packet of popcorn

  2. @Socerer
    Thanks! next part is up.

    Hope is good, as u expected.


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