Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stolen Moments : All I want – Part 1

It was cold. She realised she was alone in the dark, vulnerable, in the forest. She felt a chill down her throat. She wrapped her hands around herself. She looked at the winter coat she wore, trying to recall when she stepped in the dark but she had no memory of it. All she could recall was her going to bed.

There was no light lit anywhere around and the place seemed far from where they had stopped. She tried to work her mind but again last she could recall was her going to bed. Then she gave up.

She had to, since a panic impinged her. She could hear the hounds. She looked at the trees, tall poplar with thin branches no longer than a feet or two. “Hell! I can’t even climb those if the hounds come” “Hell! I haven't climbed a tree before”.

She wobbled around, unable to decide what to do. She started walking, eyes wide trying to grab any sound, picking up speed. The river flowed parallel. She felt the urge to cross. “What was across the river ?” “Don’t ever try to get into these rivers. They are melting ice. You step in it, and if you fall, within no time you would be frozen. And if there’s no one around, then God help!”, she had heard the instruction. She gawked at the river. It was a growling, showing it’s power. “Don’t dare!” it shouted.

She stepped back, thought she would cry now. “Am I now crying ? I am not. Any normal woman would. I am in this jungle, alone, away from my husband, I could hear the hounds, and I am fine ? I bet this is a dream. Else it couldn’t be true. It’s too true to be true. Does that make sense ?”

To be Continued…



  1. Hmm.....trying to create a grip but would the same dream trick would help...

  2. @Tarun
    Wait and watch. THis is just a simple story, but turned out a long one. You know I can't make it short, so divided in 3 parts.

  3. hmm... that was good and captivating.
    I takes us away from ths usual..."she woke up to the icecream tring tring..thingy"

    waiting for the next part!

  4. I love reading your stories and in this case I like the setting. Can't wait for the next part.

  5. One thing, please donot make up minds before reading the entire story, that makes it loose the fizz. don't u think so ?

    Thanks socerer and mia for reading!
    next post is up and part3 will be the last.


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