Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A welcome change, Painting now

I was complaining about boredom, for past few days. And I pledged to start retaking old forgiven hobbies.

So here’s my first painting on canvas. I’d painted on board before but not on canvas. When I chose the photograph to paint, it didn’t looked promising, to me and my sis. She said why not try some relatively easy one to start. But I’d stick to my decision, as usual.

Actually there’s going to be Santa party in our office on 24th and we are supposed to give gifts to the person whose name appears on the chit we pick. So I decided I would gift this painting.

Actually I was a little doubtful if anyone would really like it. But whatever it is, I am doing what my heart says, not thinking of the consequence.


  1. I like it! It looks beautiful! :)

  2. @ megha,

    the painting is ok ... not very special actually ... but, for a starter, it is a good try.

    whoever gets this gift from you, in your office, bechara woh !

    cheers !

  3. very nice! i also want to get back into old hobbies of the same.

  4. @Mia , Floreta

    Sach kadwa hota hai...it's too kadwa in this case. anyways thanks for giving honest comment.

    Thankfully the person who got the painting liked it, at least he said so to me.

  5. @ megha,

    that's so nice of that person.

    he/she has got a big heart.

    cheers !

  6. wowwieee..its nice nice..

    you draw well..just keep that spirit in you..cuz..talents are something we are born and blessed with..

    "Dont turn of the light" on it..

    *yeah stole it from enrique..was playing it as i was typing it.


  7. @ megha,

    i agree with sorcy ... keep trying on ... and you can become perfect.

    (btw, i appologise for another "overlooking" in this matter ... the paint gift was given to "he" as mentioned clearly by megha ... you know i have this habit to be perfect, which makes me to blunder. i just hope there are no more "retaliatory typo blogposts from those with more sharp eyes".)

    cheers !

  8. @Vamsi
    Critisism can be helpful if taken in the right spirit & I know no one can produce a PERFECT art in 1st take, no one. Only practise makes one perfect, specially art.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am going to try more and more....btw, I don't listen to Eng songs much, But I like Enrique :) there's so much soul in his voice.

    To all,
    Thanks a lot guys for the encouragement. I am going to post more trials at the art, and you'll have to bear with me.

  9. beautiful Megha.. ;) good job girl :)

  10. hey this is good. what is it? watercolors? i like. specially since you say that you haven't been painting for a while now, looks great to me :)

  11. @whiteopal
    thanks rohan. it's acrylic colors.

  12. Good painting but the keep smiling tag has spoilt all the fun

  13. @tarun

    keep smiling, actually that just to give the message....thanks for the tip, will remember next time....


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