Monday, November 23, 2009

Breaking the chains

Wassup ?

Howz life ?

I am beginning to hate these question.How silly these question seems to me looking at my current daily agenda. It’s nothing but just home-office-home chores. While at home, either I am watching TV or reading novel, and office is about completion of assignments just because they have to be delivered by the planned date. I hardly see any excitement in all this.

Tired of the boring days that I happen to just pass, I complained to my mom a number of times, “I am bored. I want to do something”. And my mom had been embarrassing me with her perfunctory response, “Then do something”.

Thanks to the book and my photo blog that I could spend at some time on them, at least they give me a momentary break.

When things grow mundane, even ideas seems to be lost and you are short of blog posts. But how creative I am to make this itself a post. {haha :) Even this is creativity, i believe}

I think I am stuck in the mechanical clock, I need to jump out of it and do something. You see ? it’s a deadlock, how I came back to the same question, do something, now what is this something ?

Probably I should rekindle my long-left hobbies. The thought of painting is taking shape in my mind. I think I should do it..


  1. Add one more question to it...

    "Whats new?"

    I encountered this question a lot times when I was recovering...I cant fathom an anwers for such question..

    Just Do it

  2. well said..
    changing the daily schedule is a must
    doing a totally differnt thing always bring in new energy.
    we feel alive.. ppl is an option.
    its an occupation actually for me..
    cuz..we need to think, plan and execute pranks..

    err..I am just suggesting


    loved your blog posts :)

  3. @Tarun
    Yea...that's definitely the bugging one..

    haha...that's ur occupation ? Are you in those credit card call centers ? don't mind, just kidding, they are the people who bugs the most.
    Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

  4. painting is nice....

    but not for me.... i tend to mess the whole thing up... But they won't even call it abstract art! lol

    Even I go thru such boring phases... I guess blogging has really helped me in keeping my mind busy.

    So I'd suggest the same to you... "Keep Writing"

  5. I face that question during holidays. Life is a boring routine then during university days I usually complain that there is no time.

    I would recommend trying something different. Maybe something that you normally wouldn't do.

    Oh and I like the option of bugging people! :D

  6. lol...
    my reply to the watsup question usually is "nothing. everything's down" :P
    its a wonder that you have time on your hands, between home and office chores. I thought they over-work software engineers these days ?

  7. go on bug people. it sure will take tensions and knots off your mind! :D

  8. @Saurabh
    Yea...writing do helps to some extent, in keeping mind on track.
    Keep visiting :)

    Yea, I have to gotto start fast...but I now realise I have already given away the brushes and colors :(

    I don;t even answer to that question nowadsys...btw, welcome back. How are your exams ?

    bugging people, good idea. But I hope the same don't come back to bug me...

  9. yes definitely :) take up painting..i was facing a similar thing at start of this year..thats when i decided to make a list of things i wanted to do ..and started handling one by one :D

  10. ya, I know, I have not started yet...
    When will I ? I need to motivate myself


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