Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Flight to the moon & back

We have plans. Plans for achieving success what we ambition for. But apart from all these ambitions and a long haul to achieve them, do we have a secret getaway dream ?

A beautiful home at the foot of the alps, perhaps the Himalayas. A porch swing, sitting on, you watch the clouds covering the tip of the alps, the sudden rains and the misty climate that it renders into. Or traveling & spending time in all the beautiful places in the world, assimilating the beauty of nature and culture.

Rohan once commented I am still in the mountains, that was sometime after I returned from the Himalayan trek. Actually even now I am still in the mountains. I look forward to visiting it again. For me Nature is my Haven. For somebody else, like a techie, a replenishing dream could be building a robot. Dreams are different per personality.

Dreaming other-worldly doesn't mean drifting from reality. After all, reaching those dreams needs money. We have to earn that dreams-come-true life.

It all depends, whether we want to dream wild or not. Who knows what's on our plate of life. We yearn for success, do all what we can to achieve them, but on the final day, we want to settle, finalize our life with accomplishment and satisfaction. Maybe that's when we would think of what is close to our heart and how close we have reached to our Haven.

So what's your getaway dream ?


  1. Dreams are essential to life. I agree with the theory that most things happen twice in life once in your imagination then in real life.

  2. Thought provoking article. But give this a thought too

    "Too many people spend a lifetime to earn a little so that they can achieve their 'dream', but by the time they have earned that little they find that it is too late."

    Dreaming. It also depends how we dreams. With our eyes close or with eyes wide open.

    By the way I always have nightmares and dillusions whenever I sleep. :)

  3. You said it...the quote says enough. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. @Tarun
    hehe..forgot to write about the dreams after we sleep....

  5. The best dream of all would be the one you don't have to wake up from.

    Here's wishing you another memorable trip soon. :)

  6. @the ishu
    Dreaming makes sense to me if we are living it full cognizant, else it would just like dream and forget...

    Thanks for the wishes :)

  7. right now its being in the dancing bowl and dance in front of an applauding crowd with an awesome dance partner :D

  8. @Anirudh
    Carry on's your dream, i wont ask for details ;)


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