Friday, May 01, 2009

Himachal Pradesh trek

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The view from my Hotel room was too good. It flashed fields with huge mountains in background. The first layers was that of pine forests. Behind them were the snow clad mountains which highlights the scenery. I was so happy to start my each day with such a beautiful view every morning!

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The river Beas seemed to be ubiquitous. The cold force dashing down the rocks just mesmerized me. The sound of the crystal water could be heard from far. It was a beauty.

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The pine and spruce dotted the rocky mountains and complimented the white snow background. It was a pleasure to walk in the woods. It holds a treasure of diverse unknown fruits, flowers and reptiles.

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The look of the people tends towards Tibetan type. The children looked so sweet with the round face, I couldn't stop myself from clicking one snap.

IMG_1931 The adventurous kind can have their piece of fun with activities like Paragliding, Zorbing, Rappling, River crossing (in Solang), Skiing (in Rohtang) and Rafting (in Kulu).

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The waterfall flowed over the Shiv Mandir. The splashing water looked like a divine beam over the small temple. It was beautiful but we couldn't stay there for long since the water was freezing cold.

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Our Campsite at Dhundi which is at 11000 feet.
We spent one night up there, actually it was planned for two nights but due to bad weather, we had to refrain with just one night. The temperature at night was 2 degrees Celsius, chilling ha…

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In Manali, you can visit some Sightseeing spots like Hadimba temple, Vashishta kund (Hot water kund). You can get your snaps in traditional Himachal wear or sit on the Yak. You can also have a ride on Yak for just Rs. 100/-.

Rohtang pass Rohtang Pass is at 13050 ft high. One can enjoy skiing, snow scooter ride, tube sliding. It was very beautiful with smooth white snow all around and clear blue sky.

Wonderful place!! Do visit!!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Reminds me of my Simla trip. The waterfall cascade pics have come out real well.

  2. hey meghs very beautifull pics...seems u had blast over there..


  3. @Bangalore_engineer
    Thanks. Check out my photoblog for more pics -

    Thanks. Yes, I had a very good time.

  4. Looks so pristine and stunningly beautiful. Had been to Himachal when i was 10 yrs old, but that was a long time back. After seeing these pics, cant wait to get there again. Great photography,btw :)

  5. @Jeeves

    It's really a wonderful place. I just loved it.

  6. Beautiful pictures, beautiful place and people, too. Lucky You!!

  7. @Andy
    Thanks! It's really a beautiful place. The sound of the flowing river was too good.

  8. Really Nice view ....It's tempting me to go there for trecking :)

  9. i would LOVE to visit! i am going to be in palampur volunteering and i'm not sure if i can coordinate a trek in the himalayas but i'd love to! got any ideas? looks beautiful! you can email me if you want :)

  10. Beautiful!

    Visited Himachal a long time ago and this post brought back so many memories :)

  11. ya...I understand Meena...for me too the trip is still afresh in my memories

  12. Awesome collection and all of these pictures are really beautiful.


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