Thursday, August 07, 2014


Those eyes that look at me
They hold me ransom
Unlocked but still not free
Clawing my body and soul

I wake up frightened
If it's you by the door
I stay mum looking calm
Eyes stuck to the floor
Inside its shrieking hum
Red stains and cuts I hide
But they are thrilling
Like a hungry tide
It's not good they tell me
There are places beautiful
For once I should set free
Run. I run as fast I can
But it's just inevitable
I am in his arms again
Is it him or is it me
The mind can't free
From this enticing captivity


  1. Good one! Especially the last couple of lines are my fav - "The mind can't free From this enticing captivity".

    I used to think before why can't people leave relationships that aren't good for them, but now that I am older I realize it is not that simple.

    1. You are right...thanks for visiting...after so long :)

  2. True to its title. If only one could set free themselves and stop moving in circles.


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