Sunday, July 27, 2014


From old times, Black is considered evil by puritans. Do you know why? I say, because it's seducing!

Blogadda has brought us a new contest, #WhatTheBlack, where we have to write about five black items that we wish for and why. As I think about the list, here are some black gadgets that have put spell on me. Wish I had these.
5) Play Station 4 – Why just play Candy Crush alone ? We can sure have fun with friends at altogether different level!
4) Wacom Intuos 5 – With an apt designer tool at hand, I wouldn't see any of my sketches just waste away on papers.

3) iPad Air – Anyone with an iPad or Mac would be a proud owner, isn't it? The sleek and alluring apple gadget exude finest design and technology.

2) Camera Lenses – Anything that I am desperately want to have my hands on, Filters, Lenses - Fixed, Wide angle etc. Technique, practise and good lenses are key to better photos..

1) The Magic Hat – How about having the black magic hat? I wouldn't bother with a bunny though. I have better and longer list!

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