Monday, July 21, 2014

Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do

I'm sure we've all had "Aha!" moments. Why, when I upgraded my old phone to a smartphone, I've had them everyday. It took me a surprising while to get the most out of my phone. Well, aside from the obvious - calling and texting, taking pictures, listening to music and playing games, did you know that there are other cool uses for your smartphone?

Health Monitor

With accessories that you can use with your smartphone to measure your blood pressure and blood glucose levels and apps that can track your daily workouts, weight and diet, monitoring your health and fitness has never been so fun and easy.


Want to keep a watchful eye on the family? You can locate your loved ones by tracking them on your smartphone.

Remote Control

Do you know that you can replace your collection of remote controls with your smartphone? Yes, you can use your smartphone to control various home appliances.

GPS Unit

If you need a GPS unit for your daily runs and bike rides, you can download GPS apps or maps that you can use offline on your smartphone.

Digital Cookbook

Can't get enough of your favorite recipes? Download cooking apps and recipes and turn your smartphone to a digital cookbook you can carry everywhere.


There are tons of apps that will let you use your smartphone for all your barcode or QR code scanning needs.


If you're unwilling to splurge on tablets or eBook readers, you can use your smartphone as a digital reader. There are lots of apps, both free and paid, that you can install on your smartphone to make it a decent reading device.

Digital Wallets

You can now hold your payment and banking information on your smartphone and enjoy cash-free transactions, making carrying credit cards a thing of the past.


You can video chat using your smartphone.


Always on the go? Don't worry, you can still watch your favorite soap via live TV streaming on your smartphone.

Mobile Hotspot

Don't you find it annoying every time a friend has access to the internet and you don’t or vice versa? Good thing you can turn your smartphone into a wireless router and share your data access with other devices easily.

Measuring Tool

You may not have a tape measure or a ruler with you at all times (really, who does?), so if you need a measuring tool to measure height, width, distance, area, and what have you in a jiffy, by all means, whip out your phone and measure away.

Do you know of other practical uses for your smartphone? Please do comment share below! And for anyone in the market for a new smartphone, you can compare plans and get free information at


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