Sunday, October 06, 2013

The corner chair

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There you are on the other table
Yesterday you were across mine
How we were together
Like pepper and salt in style

Was it my imagination?
No, I believed it was our fate
Yea we were inseparable
We were called Romeo and Juliet

Now when I look back
I see you never said you love me
I lived in dreams day and night
Created new world around you and me

One day you were gone
With no hint or goodbye
And now I see you on other table
Looking like young and naive

It couldn't be this way
I lost what was not mine?
Sitting in the prison of guilt
Could loving someone be a crime?

I sit in this corner
Wishing I am not seen
But trying hard not to blink
Maybe,our eyes will meet

You talk the words to her
Were they same you said to me?
Yea they were so lovely
Still echo in my head sweetly

I watch your eyes look in hers
I wish they turn to me
The person stuck in my head screaming
Is you heart made of steel

I watch you talk to her all smiles
I wish you turn and come to me
But my heart stops with the loss
As you get up and leave

I know its my last glance of you
The game over as you rolled the dice
The once coloured frame of us
Has turned pale black and white

The beautiful days are gone
The future of us stolen
Now its me and memories
Abandoned in this lonely chair in corner.
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  1. Its a beautiful piece , however, i couldnt comprehend the relation between the topic "color" .. :(

  2. That lonely chair is the only friend of the abandoned heart. Liked your poem Megha. Keep writing for BAT. Good luck!

    Someone is Special

  3. Wonder why good people fall for horrible ones.

    Nice attempt at putting your emotions into words


  4. Sad, but nicely written poem.

    All the best :)

  5. letting go can be painful, but sometimes it the best thing to do...better than hanging on to love that is not reciprocated.

  6. awesome....i could read the pain of a lover...!!!

    All the best

    My entry for BAT: Yamini Meduri-Color..!!!

  7. Dear Megha,

    Beautifully penned love ballad.
    Very closely captured those strong unsaid feelings.

    All the best :-)

  8. Beautiful poem !!

  9. simple and easy to understand. There are so many poems I'm seeing this BAT. Nice one.

  10. Hey I posted but dont see my comment. I wonder why.

  11. Nice poem Megha. It is really a pity that the corner chair became her reality after a long colorful dream of love.
    All the best for BAT :)

  12. "The once coloured frame of us
    Has turned pale black and white"
    Such a deep verse. Kudos to this beautiful poem Megha. :)


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