Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fright and flight


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Make a wish
Alluded the ball of glass bright
Snow flew inside it
And violin playing light

It was a beautiful thing
Lucky to stumble on
Never was I asked
To wish anything on mind

Now was the time
To ask for everything
Make dreams come true
And drop all withering

But there was so much to ask
And so difficult to begin
Hundreds of desires
Will I get what’s not my fate

What do I really want and need
Rose the question
When I blamed society
I was the tangled one

What's for me
And what's not right
Quest I searched all time
Answer I can only find inside

But my mind only chattered
Inside was a big chaos
It was the frightful fair
Where I was miserably lost

I wanted answers
But it looked impossible
The more I tried
I got only more tangled

I lost it and gave up
And threw the glass ball
I need no wonders
But to let go of all

The pressure relaxed
And mind gained calm
That's what I want
Clear mind like the wish ball

Calm like sacred lake
And vastness of dark night
Life becomes Wonders
And freedom and flight

All you have to do
Is forget every fear
Know just one thing
Let go. Just let go dear.

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  1. nice one just let go and carry on motivational. all d best keep writing keep visiting

  2. A sweet poem..from the doubt and fear to courage and trust to make a wish :)

    1. Thanks Alcina for reading and commenting :)

  3. Very nice poem keep it up .. All the Best for BAT.

    My Attempt - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  4. You know if I were given one chance to making a wish which would definitely be granted, I'd ask for a 100 new wishes. And the hundredth would again be the same.

    Then in between I might ask these questions to this very glass ball, the questions of science, and reason, and wisdom and get my piece of mind :P

    Your wish was granted even when you didn't make one. Nice lines there especially these
    I lost it and gave up
    And threw the glass ball
    I need no wonders
    But to let go of all

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. that was clever...but questions of science, reason and wisdom? you ask for knowledge and to be resourceful... Gyanyogi :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Uthra for reading!

      BTW, What's 99 club?

  6. nice one.. :)
    All the Best :)

  7. Hey Megha, what a lovely poem, I love the last line, and yes all we need to do is let go our fears. Very well written :)

    1. Thanks Ayushi for reading and commenting :)

  8. a poem which will definitely resonate in mind,"Let go.Just let go dear."

  9. No words to say.Engrossing to get inspired of... ATB for BAT4.:)

  10. Inspiring poem, Megha. A fine write up..:)
    ATB for BAT


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