Monday, July 15, 2013

The storm

Sometimes days after the story is concluded
Comes a restless evening
When the silent winds blow
Carrying the words of painful ending
You think of the reason
That changed two lives
It was necessary to separate
Love had to pay the price
Was it early to give in
Never in mind this question arose
It was beautiful and alive
But they buried it like bag of bones
It was mutual and sensible
Life is about moving on both said
They dumped all the memories in a box
And pushed in unused room at the end
It was past and forgotten
Moving on they had decided
And their lives had moved on
It was easy to be separated than united
They lived what was expected of them
Always happy they looked
Conveniently ignorant of the dark room
And the box that was locked
Their mind had forgotten about the past
And every one thing about the time
It was a way of defence
To separate from the pain in mind
But it was not so simple and easy
And an evening came when a storm blew
The doors and boxes crumbled
The hidden memories drew
They pass the corridor
And reach the once secured you
Standing at the door
They challenge and threaten you
There is no more pretension
Finally you accept them
You give yourself to the memories
Although sad you feel truthful to self again
You know it was not a good decision
And moving on was farce
You could only think of one thing
If she is in the same place as yours

P.S. I could not think of a good title. I am so bad at it. I always end up spending more time in thinking about the title than the actual content. What do you think could be good title?


  1. I think the duo knew it from the start that it was wrong to part, and both had apprehensions when they believed a lie, that it would not matter. The quiet before the storm is often a baleful reminder of the skeletons hidden in the closet that might spring out any moment.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Yes. Sometimes when we give away we are not much aware until its taken from us. I don't understand why should circumstance have any effect on love. Why people give in to things and reasons that are superficial? With time these reasons fade away and what is left is just regret. And then you can't blame anyone even the one who had forced you in the decision. Coz after all you are responsible for all your decisions.
      Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Hi, nice poem! It flows very smoothly from one stanza to the next. The Storm seems to be a good enough title, I nevber give much thought to titles either! Keep writing.

    1. Thank you Ayushi for reading and commenting

  3. Its true, d past just keeps haunting no matter how much we run away from them.Its better to follow heart than blaming the circumstances later.Anyways, good one :)
    Do visit my blog too.

  4. This is so good.I remembered a friend
    's story after reading this poem.You wrote a poignant tale beautifully crafted inside a poem.

  5. Storms are awesome!

    Nice poem! Very relatable :-)


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