Sunday, December 23, 2012

The story is...

They were on the couch, holding hands. She was resting her head on his shoulder. Some movie was playing on tv but it looked comical without any sound. No words were exchanged between the two but felt all the same.
She shifted and looked in his eyes, My Perfect husband. As he looked in her deep brown eyes, he smiled, how lucky they were to be together. She had the most amazing eyes and an such a loving heart, my Perfect wife. They were so much in love.
He could see a tear forming at the corner her left eye. He leaned closer and whispered, I love you! I will always love you, and held her closer. Even without words, they both could feel the deepest emotion erupting in the other.
      Then suddenly, suddenly, the tv went black. He closed his eyes tightly till it hurt.

Hey mister-good-for-nothing!, a voice echoed behind him. It was pungent, mocking voice.
Food is on the table, I'm having dinner. Come over if you want to have it. I am not going to wait for you. She murmured a curse. He turned. His bitch wife was holding the remote. She was red in anger and so was he. He stood up helplessly. His mind cursing. God! Reality is so bitter. So, so bitter. What I have married into?


  1. 'pungent voice' adds to the contrast... there are many faces to reality indeed.

  2. It is really funny..:) ...Poor guy!!!


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