Friday, April 02, 2010

New template designer for Blogspot Bloggers

I would first like to wish my blogger friends a very happy fools day. Hopefully many of could have made your friend’s day by being a natural fool :)

This post is meant specially for my BlogSpot friends who in spite of it’s “technical backward-ness” and lack of tools and functionality, chose BlogSpot over many other tools that comes loads of features. The prime area where BlogSpot scores over others is it’s simplicity. It’s a blogging tool for layman.

Well, the good news is that Blogspot has introduced new feature called “Template Designer”. Now you can choose from various templates and customise them.

For more information, check this -

1. Blogger Template – Introduction

2. Tweaking templates

So for those who are looking for a make over, it’s a big news.

P.S : I know it sounds ironic to say, but I tried a few new templates but nothing matched my taste & I’ll stick to my current layout.

But people are different and so are their choices. So, enjoy!

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