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Archive – The Strange Night

Nowadays I feel very bore to write, in fact, my brain creates a story up to a halve and then it just stops. I know that I am being very lazy but I dump it on the weather.

But then I thought why not dig up and present some good posts/stories from the archives. So maybe till my brain springs up again, I’ll present some of my favourites. So here we go, A fantasy to start.


The strange night

It was very dark and the thunders and the lightening was frightening the 10 year old. But now that he had already covered much distance, he couldn't go back. He had not expected the cloudbursts when he left the school. The then simple path now looked cruel. He would have never have made the mistake of leaving, but the rain betrayed him on his way.

It takes one hour of walking but four hours had passed but he was still too far from home. The thunders nailed him many a times and the wind was in full action to shove him back as he stumbled ahead. With the road lights off due to rains, at times he found himself at the same place, cramping in the dark.

He saw the field ahead, crossing would be a risk. He knew that with the waters in the fields, it would be ménage for the snakes and many other animals and insects. Also, he was very tired now. He looked for shelter around. With such fierce lightening, trees could prove fatal, he had learned in school. He figured a ruined house at a distance. Having found a shelter, he sighed. The roof was leaking, but it kept him away from the wild winds and the attacking rain.

Sitting in a corner, he squeezed his leg against chest. He was shivering with cold, and fear. Tears were rolling, as his sobbing got lost in the wild growling of the clouds. He could believe that he had come this long all alone. This thought brought some good feeling to him.

Blurp Blurp, he heard a sound. A frog with sparkling eyes, was croaking in a small puddle next to him. It brought a smile to his face, for a while.

Hey friend, came a sound. He looked at the frog, HE WAS TALKING.

You look tired. Are you hungry ? Why don't you come with me ? Come and rest at my home and then tomorrow you return to your home as the weather gets fine. Now, he was too surprise to say anything. he kept looking with his eyes wide with astonishment.

Yes, he heard himself saying with a shivering voice.

Suddenly something strange happened. He found that he was shrinking. He found it frightful but at the same time he was enjoying the moment, to his surprise. He then jumped on the frog's back. His bag looked so big now, This world is so different , looking at the now-so-big things around, he said, with a smile.

Here's my home he said and meet my wife Loveline. Loveline, meet my new friend.

Hi Loveline, whats for dinner, I am so hungry, he said, later getting embarrassed at his greediness.

Fish, she said as she threw a dead fish before him.

Surprisingly, in this strange world, he found the dead raw fish mouth-watering. Wasting no time he gulped it down.

A strange thing followed. He found that he is now turned into a frog and blurped every time he tried to say something. The other two fickling frogs were laughing and jumping with joy.

He kept bouncing, croaking loudly...A thunder and he woke up and found himself sitting like a frog in the middle of the puddle. It was a dream. He couldn't stop laughing.

The rain had stopped and the sun was just rising. He picked up his bag and started walking, smiling.


Write back if you like the story or not. Comments are most welcome :)

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