Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time Travel

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It was the day. After escalations and loads of hard work, series of sleepless nights, the product was delivered, went live and was up and running. It was a moment of triumph, felicitations and kudos and off course booze. It was midnight. They had taken refuge in one of the colleagues rented apartment, enjoying, congratulating each other, swearing at managers as one by one passed out. They lay scattered half asleep. Empty glasses and plates dispersed. The room corroborated their frustrations of past work and the relief of go-live.

Rahul, the developer was also one among them. Everyone knew how hard and dedicated he had been in last few weeks. The mounting pressure had only brought more good work out of him. The managers were praising him to the skies. He was happy, definitely very happy. To be precise, he was in the skies, literally. The booze had taken him in the galaxy. He could see the moon and the stars. He smiled at it's vastness.

In a corner, he could see a star growing. It grew and grew.  He strained his eyes which were now adamant to open. As it grew bigger, he could see it wasn't a star, but some person. Oh. It was his Guru. Oh. When was the last time he prayed or got his Guru's blessings. With mind half-out, he surrendered at the thought. The Guru smiled. Or was it a smirk ? Rahul folded hands and touched Guru's feet. Guru didn't move.

"Thank you Guruji for your blessing. I have delivered the product successfully. My managers are happy. How lucky I am. I must have been virtuous in my previous birth that I am this skilful and successful this birth", he said.

The Guru leaned and closed Rahul's eyes. Behind the closed eyes,  he saw himself at the center of a spiral. it was rotating and moving back. It's edges spurting stars. He was travelling back. Behind the Kaal, time. Then it stopped and Rahul opened his eyes. He heard a sound. Something stood before him. It was a donkey, braying and trying to walk laboriously. "You have done Loads of work, my child", were the only words he heard of Guru.

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  1. I enjoyed this one..What a funny idea!So not only was he a donkey in his past birth but his Guru intended to show that he was still slogging the same way?
    Hehehe..message taken..time to change huh? :)

  2. @Vibhuti
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Vibhuti has answered your question ;)

  3. @vibhuti
    Thanks for that...

    hushhhh... I had I feeling I was sounding really dumb asking that question...

    Poor guy is still doing donkey work... He should go the Rocket Singh way!

  4. yea...Saurabh, its message for everyone...there are managers out there who make the donkeywork look lucrative...if you are in IT, then u might know :)

    btw havent seen rocket singh...and nothing's dumb in this world :)

  5. gud one with pinch of humour..... and perceptions do matter..... I wish Guru will soon have the darshan of his guru too...may be a pig....nothin wrong in being animals as they are far better than human race.....

  6. Wow! Good 1! There is a lot of depth in this story.....

  7. aah! interesting. I initially dint get the point but after reading Vibhuti's comment, got it :)) Haha. that was a very funny take on the topic. I pity software engg (oops,I am one too) :)
    Read my take on this topic :)

  8. wow..I lost to gauge the depth of the story..wonderful work Megha

    I gotta read those posts I missed ..

  9. Ha ha ha ha... that was a nice ending :) Just laughed out loud and got my mum staring at me funny.

    And the Guru was definitely smirking.

    All the luck for BATOM!

  10. HA HA! =)) Awesome ending. LOLable! :P All the best for BATOM!


  11. all the best fr the donkey bit

  12. Hehehe... Cool post!

    I agree that all software engineers are donkeys braying and working laboriously...

    All the best for BATOM-8!

  13. donkey??? That was really funny. Good piece! And good luck miss!

  14. lolz! :D yeah.. nice revelation.. he's still working as hard in his last life eh?! ;) nicely written!

  15. Ha ha ha. Life of software engineer has become butt of all jokes. What a pity! CHeck out my take on the life of software engineers.

  16. HaHaHa.....Rahul was a donkey, rahul was a donkey, oh! wait.......what is he now? :P

    nice piece, light-hearted n jibe-taking at those poor souls :D

  17. good one, it was a nice read, love the ending :)

  18. So Rahul was a donkey, huh? Or are you trying to tell that Developers are donkeys? :P
    Nice post! :)

  19. A sarcastic take on the life of the s/w engineers! Brilliant.

  20. @Mahesh
    yes...nothing wrong in being animals,was just referring to their qualities :)

    Thanks. You too s/w :)

    @Shweta, Socerer, Saro, The Virgin Author, Swayanbhu, SureIndian, Leo, The Fool, Mural, Harsha

    @Parth, Nethra, Prashant
    No, you got it wrong. All s/w engineers donot slog. There are few, and they are everywhere, it's just that I tried to put the s/w scenario here. In fact, this happens more in manufacturing firms.

  21. lollzzzzz

    :)...Kewl...Keep it up.

  22. Very interesting thought..Loved the ending...
    Simple and cool...

  23. Very Interesting :-)
    I loved it..

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  24. First of all, I loved the narrative. It was crisp, and flowed effortlessly.
    And man, what an ending! I had least expected it. It holds true in a metaphoric sense. But on the contrary, if the donkey is having fun in what it is doing, then it's really very good, isn't it? :)
    Excellent post.

  25. I'll say this is your best story I have read till date. Love the last paragraph.


  26. What a humorous touch to the topic ! hehheeh..enjoyed the read :) All the best :)


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