Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story writing contest

I have been writing much less since past few weeks. The reason is office work pressure and lack of motivation. Writing stories has been my favourite pass time but don’t know why my mind has been a little sluggish. But nevertheless, I have managed to post a story It’s Pouring” on IndiMag.

IndiMag has launched a story writing contest and I urge all of you to give it a try. There are no restrictions on the post theme or length whatsoever. Each one can post up to 2 stories.

Here’s a sneak preview of my story.

The TV was on, but my mind wasn’t at it, it was busy thinking of my sister. It was already 9 p.m. and she was not yet back. Her phone appeared to be switched off, which wasn’t unusual given the monsoon. Every minute was making me more restless. Just then, the door door bell rang.

You can visit “It’s Pouring” and give your valuable comments. You can also rate/vote the entries. But you need to register at IndiMag (it’s easy, just takes few secs).

Looking forward to reading your comments and stories from you.


  1. Hey all the best for Katha Sagar... By the way are you allowed to post even snippets before the results are out?

  2. Saurabh,
    Thanks. Yes, just snippets.

    Why don't you write one ?

  3. motivation...feeling same here to...:(

  4. Good luck Megha! :) I haven't read it yet, but I'll check it out soon. Life is getting really hectic right now, so taking a break from here as well. I locked my blog temporarily as well until the first week of May. I promise to register and vote whenever I get the chance. Is there a deadline?

  5. I came to your blog via your story on Katha Sagar.
    It's a pleasure to come across your wonderful blog.

    Keep up the good work Megha :)


  6. @Anonymous
    I guess this is Mia, right ?
    Thanks for wishes. You take your time to read :)

    Thanks for visiting :) Keep coming back


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