Sunday, March 21, 2010

The common point

Our festivals form a part of our Indian culture. And when we talk about Indian festivals, along with it brings customs, sweets and expenditure. This week we had Gudi Padwa, which is considered as an auspicious day. It is always Good to buy goods/things or start a new venture on this day. So sticking to our customs we thought of buying some jewellery.

As the gold prices are soaring, I have always heard my mom complaining. “How can a common man afford these high gold prices ? Now gold is not meant for simple people like us. It’s only for the rich now”. Gold prices have been risen from Rs.8000 to Rs.17000, before her eyes,so she can’t be blamed.

We reached our usual jeweller “Vaman Hari Pethe” which I guess is the common place for most of the Maharashtrains for buying gold. To our surprise it was packed. “See, No matter how much the gold sores, people will still buy…”, she commented and lost in some analytical thoughts.

We started looking at the display items. My eyes wandered here and there and steadied on a transparent box with a pair of earrings a woman was holding. They were square shaped and were of long hanging type. A typical Maharshtrian choice, I thought. The lady was trying to bargain. She was with her husband. Both might be between 35 and 40 of age.

As the woman talked, the husband stayed silent studying the figures. He was lost in some analysis. For a moment, I empathised. As if his worry escaped his face and touched me, I thought of how it would feel to be in his shoes. Festivals are good but the expenditure most often turns out otherwise. Somehow I could relate to his situation, it was just like what my mom talked about, common man’s common problem. Maybe it was déjà-vu of my parents decades back. But they have strived out of the situation and I am sure so will these parents. Amen.

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