Saturday, February 06, 2010

What if

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He laid voiceless, his vocal cord damaged by the accident. His body was gravely damaged, yet he was out of reach of pain. He had heard that one’s last moment are always painless & of revelation & this was it.

He could see her, Ritu, standing tearful and torn. He fled into memories, her smiling face flashed before his eyes, her hair flying with the breeze.

Last moments of life. Why life isn’t fair ? He spent the whole life making sure their future would be luxurious and now,here he was sure of his future, death. Unable to speak, his mind was piling up words. What if he had his voice at this last moment. He would tell her how much he love her. How much he has been lucky to have her as his life partner. How much he wants to live more & spend the rest of his life with her, be it simple. He would only live for her, wish if.... his eyes watered, her face got blurred until it disappeared.


Tears were flowing down her cheeks, tears of joy. She was grateful to him. She was aware how much he love her and she had made sure that he was convinced that she felt the same. She showed him dreams and he followed it like a child, making money for their bright future. Fool. It wasn’t for them, it was only for her. Now the marriage was too much of a burden. She wanted freedom. But what if he doesn’t die ? No, it wouldn't, her plan was foolproof. She would win and nobody would see her hand in the accident.


Beep…Beep…the ECG fluctuated. Rahul, Rahul,she threw fake cries.The doctor hurried. Her heart raced, with excitement. The ECG went into a long beep, confirming her freedom from the bond and his from life.

* The End *

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  1. What cold brutality! Women are capable of this??!! Super storytelling..killing storyline..kudos..:)

  2. nice story and very well narrated... Ekta kapoor could use it for one of her soaps.. hehehe...

    my first visit here an I must say i am impressed... keep it up!! :)

    Latest Blog Post: What If...

  3. @Vibhuti
    Ya, it's not men or women, sometimes money can prove to be anyone be it man or woman.

    Thanks for reading and appreciating

    Thanks, i hate k serials.
    Glad that you like my blog. Keep visiting :)

  4. ouch... i am writing my will again...and removing my gf's name from it....:P

  5. great storyline and very well narrated..
    Good luck for BATOM!!

  6. Whoa! Such cold-blooded bitch!
    Nicely written, by the way. I was hoping it would end on a positive note, but now I feel it's the proper ending.
    All the best for BATOM! :)

  7. I like the story, something different compared to other what-ifs entries. I like the evil in this post. And I hate that bitch!

  8. This is one ending I wasnt expecting. Well built up :D

  9. That was bitchy!!!!....nice story..ALL the best for BATOM7


  10. She was a real bitch, wasn't she?
    Nice story. It was a very good read. Thanks!
    All the best! :)

  11. Awww....C'mon

    let me meet that girl..Please


    Good one!

  12. If it was man would it have drawn such responses probably would be a normal story the fact that a woman "dared" to be evil so she has become a "bitch"(a slang!) how stereotyped we are... nice that you have created such a character without using much words ...All the best for BATOM...

  13. Thank you all for reading and commenting :)

  14. Hey Megha, loved urs this time too!! Btw, u dint write a sequel to ur last BAT post :(

  15. Thanks Shruti. Actually I thought of a few carry-on story lines, but none gave justice to the point where I left. Can you think of something ?

  16. That was a different take. A cold hearted woman. Looking at how many people have called her the B word I guess your story is compelling :-) -- evoked strong feeling ..

  17. Oh very cold. Such brutalities do exist in real lives. Loved ur take on the topic..:)

  18. wow! now thats one cold blooded story.. nice.. unexpected twist... best of luck....

  19. Such a simple yet effective way to put your story across.........liked it for its conciseness as much as for its clear-headed narration

  20. Good one... few words and more intensity.. Women can be so cold blooded :P Totally enjoyed reading it.. Goodluck.

    PS: First time here

  21. @MADHU RAO,
    yea, many B-word, seems like I have suceeded ;)

    @dilontherocks,IIM ka Sarkari Babu,harsha,Tanmaya,Mural,swayambhu,
    Thanks :)

    @The West Wind,
    Thanks :) yea, very cold ;) Welcome to my blog & keep visiting :)

  22. Money could prove to be fatal..true!
    Loved the narration..short but yet complete!!

  23. simple, straight but ruthless and naked confessions .....
    a mind prophecy ....
    good attempt....
    a unique one among all the posts :)

  24. Good one!! The lead character is crazy.

  25. @Yemiledu, Mahes, mia
    Thanks :) Keep visiting!


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