Tuesday, February 02, 2010



On Friday I took my family to watch Veer, except daddy to spare myself from his attack on Salman and the film (he hates him like hell). When we walked towards the theatre, my sis said “Don’t you think you are wasting money, we can watch better film with it”. I replied, “Yes we’ll watch the better film too, but now, now we’ll watch Veer”.

To be true, the film was not as bad as people have spread the bad word. Few things to mention is, the film is slow (specially the second half), the climax could have been better. The good part is, the songs are good and the best thing about the film is Salman. When I stepped out of the theatre, I felt I am in love with him, once again. Wow, he looks so macho in the armour, on the horse, specially his entry in the Swayamvar. Nobody could have carried it better than him.

It’s also his best act till now and alone carries the whole film. So finally I am feeling good that I watched the charm on big screen, tv would have spoilt it…


  1. I don't know who spread all those idiotic rumors about Salman. He has always been the best. Better among the three khans.

  2. ROFL

    I read the first line and then started laughing so hard, that I couldn't read anything else!

    You took your family to VEER? You might as well take them to a nearby VIHIR! LOL

    Ps: I hate Salman. (You will too if you notice he has the same accent in every film!)

    *looks at sky and wonders "whatever happened to Character Role Research"

  3. @Tarun

    Yea. He is the best :)

    Yea, I can expect those words from Salman-haters. I have heard much, starting from my home, my dad doesn't miss a chance to badmouth him. So now I dont mind :)

    It's Ok to say you don't like, and it's Ok to say I like :)

  4. Thanks for the review. :) Though it's not totally impartial, since you are a Salman fan! ;) but it's really cute to see such adoration :))


  5. I agree with Adisha it is cute to see such adoration! :)

    I'm sort of indifferent when it comes to Salman and I don't know if I should believe the media with the way they describe him. He does come across as a complicated person to understand though.

    Why does your Dad hate him?

  6. When I stepped out of the theatre, I felt I am in love with him, once again.

  7. @proswet654 & Americanizing desi

    Thanks for reading and Commenting :)

    Thats b'coz he was always potrayed as bad guy be press. And my dad believes it.Somehow he doesnt like him, dunno why.

    You too ?

  8. @megha
    well..I accidently tabbed and punched on enter the post button..i was suppowed to write...

    and then
    after that..sentence I quoted


  9. @Sorcy
    Hmm...yea so u too from anti-samlan bastion...


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