Monday, February 08, 2010

Natrang : Movie review

On Sunday our family went to watch Natrang. The film had rave reviews, so we decided to watch it together.

The film is based on a novel by Anand Yadav. It is a story of Guna, played by Atul Kulkarni, who is a pehelwan and a farm worker from a backward and poor family, and is an artist by heart and wants to start a ‘Tamasha’, a folk art which was used to be considered as an immoral (and still is). Finally he gets all the pieces together that’s when the female dancer puts forward one condition, that they have to find a nachya, a female imposter, without which they wouldn't dance. Fearing the consequences, everyone refuses the role, Guna, decides to do it himself.
Like always Atul has given immaculate performance, with the right spark in eyes, dreaming himself as King of his own world and then in later half has given equal justice to the feminine character. Bonus in this film is Sonali who really looks like an apsara from Indralok in the song “Apsara ali”.
Definitely recommended. Go and watch for a sensible direction by debutant Ravi Jadhav and wonderful performance by Atul and Sonali.


  1. Seems like a movie I could have went to see, but it´s too far away I think. Maybe someday I`m coming to see India, it would be exciting!

  2. Me seen it long back. Its awesome!

    You've written a Review or given just a Preview?

    Should've written something more na... Anyways, I know you must've had yo reasons!

    Harishchandrachi Factory cha review kadhi kartay?

  3. @Tina
    Maybe not that far, you can get it online. And it is also realeased with english subtitles :)

    Yea, you can say it's preview and I did it on purpose coz I dont want anybody to watch with story already in mind.

    Harishchandrachi factory cha review ? maybe soon...actually weekend lach pic baghayla bhetta na..

    Yes. It's marathi film. But it's also released with English sub-titles for non-marathi speakers :)

  4. I have been frustrated with Hindi movies and have been wanting to look at other languages. As long as it has subtitles (I cringe that it may not do justice to the original dialogues, but..)I'll check this out..

    I love Atul Kulkarni (from his Hindi movies and I'm sure he's 100 times better in Marathi..)

    PS : Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  5. @Madhu
    Ya, do watch it & don't forget to tell me how you find it.

  6. yeah its a nice film...except that I have a little problem swallowing 'nachya'-like things on screen anywhere. BTW, Sonali Kulkarni looks awesome ;)

  7. yea...that's why it's disgusted in society and nachya never gets respect in this world, but as we see there's a story behind his life too..
    Thanks for commenting.

    Yes Sonali is really good :)

    btw, howz ur engg ?

  8. Very Good review. For better reviews read


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