Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking back, feels good…

My previous post was about Tag. There was a question as following

37. A word that you say a lot?
Nothing A LOT, but sometimes God or at times Sh**

For which my Engineering college friend, Shweta commented about my very old or should I say ancient habit of saying “Matlab”. I remember once we, all friends were back from college to home. It used to be one hour journey, pretty long. All of a sudden, my friend Reena said “You know Megs, tum bahot matlabi ho”. It struck me, &I went into thoughts what I have said that made her say this.

“Why, what happened, What have I done ?”, I asked puzzled, embarrassed.

She chuckled. “You always keep adding Matlab Matlab when you talk, so you are a matlabi”. They laughed. I sighed. That was true, I was bad at communicating, I was little reserved(maybe Shwets can tell if it’s true). To add to my chagrin, she renamed my name to Matlabi in her cell, how rude :(

But now when I look back, It amuses me to think how much I have changed. We all change. Few days back, a blogger friend, Tarun wrote a poem Left Alone which was very good, introspective but a sad and little depressed, wherein he confessed in comments how immature he was and that he’s changed much over the years.

There are so many things we loved, we hated, we avoided, we supported. And not many things fall in the same place now. At every juncture, we had different feelings and some of them makes us smile even now. There are few songs that makes me travel behind time to experience moments, making me nostalgic.

And now that we are living in our present which would be our past in future, when we would think of how we lived today. So taking lessons from my Matlabi nostlagic jabber, I end this post with a positive note,

Make Present better for future...You’d like to smile when you look back

What’s say you ?

P.S. Tarun, hope you don't mind the reference. I’d like writing this post. Thanks Shwets for that comment, brought old memories back :)


  1. That was a really sweet story! :)

    I agree it's amazing how much we change in a few months, years and sometimes even in a day.

    Some experiences change us for the worse, but some help us grow as a person!

    With regards to reserved I don't know you in reality, but I am not surprised you are reserved. I'm extremely reserved in reality. Haha.. maybe another Taurus trait?

    And I still have lots of growing up to do. Learn to be a little less immature, and I guess more understanding..

  2. Lady, you've just bought smile to a face which was going through perennial period of bad time..and today being one...

    And one thing I have learned that live present, because once u say it it would be past...It is hard (even for me) but life doesn't gives u much choice either

  3. @Mia
    Thanks. Yes, I think it's a Tauran trait :) We have a long way to go and learn :) Just be happy and keep smiling :)

    Oh...Glad that i could make someone smile. Yea, you are right, actually it's not only us, there are so many factors, people, situation, that gets the reaction or action from us. But still at least we can try :)

  4. LOL...I'll risk sounding geeky, but there is also a software called Matlab. Incidentally, when I was being interviewed for the job at amdocs, I'd written 'Matlab' in the 'software languages' section. The interviewer had a look and that and grinned- "I read that as मतलब. What do you call it?"

    Yeah, all of us change. And I think its always for the better too.

  5. @Whiteopal
    :D hehe...thanks for sharing that...
    yea, we change, our mistakes too :)

  6. Matlabi Megha. Bole to, actually sounds kinda nice ;)

    Enjoyed reading here. Much admiration :)

  7. @Rebublicofchic
    Nice ? Unfortunatly I never felt so :(
    Thanks for visiting and appreciating. keep coming. :)

  8. experience helps deal with situations in no?

  9. @Socerer
    Thanks for the comment.


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