Monday, February 01, 2010

Book : A fine balance

I picked this book thinking that it's about the bhopal gas tragedy but it turned out different, but I was happy with the pick.

Usually I always alternate between Novel(aka storytelling novel) and thrillers. But this book is combination of both. It's about a fine balance between hope and despair. It had the life stories of not one but four people and it has the thrill of the life set during the Indira Gandhi rule era, when circumstances make 4 people of different background,a widow, a university student, and two tailors, come together and share a common apartment.

It contains everything, cruelty of life that stirred me to core, compassion that you bound to feel with the characters, and the unusual wondrous love that they develop that made me smile. The book takes you through many things, the hardship, selflessness, psychology and relevance of truth, such is the beauty of writing by Rohiton Mistry. It's not only sadness and bitterness of life, but Rohiton beautifully portrays the triumph of extra-ordinary human spirit too. At the end of the book, you definitely devote at least one tear to the characters.

Rating - 5/5

Definitely recommended. Best read for me till now.


  1. I found it torturous too descriptive and swaying from the topic quite often..especially when it was related to uncle-nephew relationship..however its description of caste conundrum was sharp and to the point, especially description of special class of people. So is the description of parsi life in 1960-1970 Bombay (not Mumbai). But all in all I didn't find it good as a whole, hopefully would be able to read it as parts.

  2. Just my view, you could have being more descriptive in description rather sounding like what is provided at the back of the book.

    Sorry for being harsh

  3. thanks a lot for suggesting the book... putting that in my books to buy list...:D

  4. @Tarun
    The description or details can be found from any site. The words came directly from my heart and mind.

    Well, I agree that few parts of the book are too descriptive. Like for me the part at the rally was a bit dragged, But have you read till end ? It definetly build up your interest. In the end I was totally grasped.

  5. @Sid
    Yea, do read it. You'll definetly like it :)

  6. a book review from you
    (kinda rhymes.right?)

    you wrote it nice Megha

  7. @Sorcy
    Thanks for the comment :)
    If u too read books, try this one.

  8. Will surely have to check this one out. Glad I came across your blog. It's got a bit of everything ... keep it up !! Cheers

  9. @Adisha
    Welcome to my blog Adisha :)
    Thanks, m glad u liked it :)


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