Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby sitting : 99 Fiction

My neighboring aunt wanted me to look after the year-old kid. I was glad. He is so cute. His soft and smooth skin feels so sweet, and baby powder, so fresh. How he laughs when I sing rhymes, showing his half grown teeth. It makes me so happy when he smiles.

I turned to make him some soup. "What's this ?" my mom shouted holding the letter with raging eyes. Gone. Fired. I looked at the kid, who was holding book where the letter was safe.
Damn kid. See how he is laughing at me, mocking, flaunting fangs ... Huuhaahaa Huahaahaa...

P.S Read the letter as Love letter


  1. aa sharing your secret...just hoped that your mom should have read that letter

  2. Nice Idea... When you can't fit it in 55 words, go on and invent a new 99 thingie!

    Anyways mala sagla bouncer gelay... Jara samjavla tar bara hoil!

  3. Cute.. I hope it isnt a true story.

  4. A very cute story. :) Was it true btw?

  5. I don't think it is true.

    Babies are adorable! :D

  6. Megha, btw so sorry for the late response I read your message very late. Thanks again so sweet of you to write :) :)

  7. Nice blog Megha! I'll read your older entries when I have the time later. *missing a picture of you here ? :)
    *I used to have a blogspot during my stay in Greece but I no longer maintain it, need a lot of time :)) now, I'm happy with the AM3 photoblog...cheers!

  8. @Tarun, West wind, Nethra
    Unfortunalely or fortunately that's not true.

    Fortunately my mom didnt get the letter, and unfortunately i dont have any love letter :(

    haha...kharay...55 madhe nahi basla mhanun mi 99 kela..pan bagh na 99 karunhi tula nahi kalla, mag 55 madhe kay zala asta ?

    Thanks. No problem, keep mailing.

    @Tinasphotoblog, Anne
    Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting. Hope you like the stuff. Keep visiting, would be glad to see you again :)

  9. Happy Shivratri Megha!!

  10. Hey I have tagged u ...check my blogpost :)

  11. just a change in perspective :D


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