Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why is that

Sometimes you behave so weirdly that you regret and keep cursing yourself. It happens with me all the time.

Yesterday, I left office pretty late, it was almost 8 pm (a call with Front office consultant, you know she keeps talking, almost loudly, sometimes I hold the receiver inches away from my ears,still i could hear her. I can’t help, she repeats everything at least 2-3 times).

It’s a nuisance to get an auto to station then. But yesterday, an auto stopped, one person got down leaving a space for one. So I got in (there’s a sharing auto system here). When we reached the station, I offered the standard Rs.5 amount to the autowalla. He just denied saying it’s ok (I mean will he charge the earlier passenger for it ?) and then the passenger too joined his cult. I was firm that they should take the money, but they kept denying. I don’t know what happened but I got really pissed off. I kind of grunted and left abruptly. When I was a few steps farther, I realised that it wasn’t fair. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I should to the least say “thanks”. That was enough to disturb me for some time, then I took out my book.

It’s true that however claim we make that we know ourselves, we are sometime taken to surprise by our own self.


  1. I wish I were a gal! Therez always ppl present to pay a gal's bills and do her favors! :-(

    I feel the same sometimes... Therez this situation and I feel like I could've/should've handled it in a better way, but its too late

  2. hmm... Girl bonus

    yeah..but..theres no point in thinkin about it and getting dumb about it..
    just chuck it off with a inner smile that is.

  3. haha...was is a girl bonus ?
    could be, but sometimes somebody else paying for you doesnt go well.

    do you really want to be a girl ? think again, it's not an easy life..

    yea, i chucked it off, and smiles, I mean the inner smile :)

  4. How can you behave like that? Means, is it the price a guy pay for being gentle...

    Having said that...leaving at 8 PM is NOT LATE, its normal :P

  5. :( I know that was rude...

    8 pm is late for me...but nowadays i am not leaving office before 6.30 :(

    I hate the project I am in...

  6. this has happened with me too... but its okay.. cos if i share an auto with sumone willing.. i dont take money frm them too.. :P
    so relax.. and smile :)

    Nice blog.. loved reading

  7. I behave strangely a lot of times. You reflected over it (some people don't even do that!) maybe next time you will remember to say thanks if not then you can always pay for someone else. It won't be the same, but that might cheer you up :)

  8. @Dido & mia

    thanks for reading and commenting :)

  9. happened to me yesterday..for no reason got irritated at my friend..but i did say sorry and i felt really bad..for you- always say thank you to all auto wallahs after paying :D

  10. Anirudh, there are many like me...


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