Saturday, December 05, 2009

Whatta life


I took this pic when I travelled to Dabhol. Dabhol is the place where Enron plant is set up. Unfortunately we didnt had time to visit it.

One of my friend commented "Whatta life!". Truely, what a life, kids were fishing, boating, playing at the banks. The sea seemed vast. Houses were adjoinding the waters and the palms streching towards water looked very beautiful.

My camera was taking shots one after another. And when these kids saw they smiled so cheerfully. When we reached the wharf, their father had joined them.

After a long time, I sat in a ferry and I was happy. Sometimes small things make us so happy!!

Whatta Life was one thought, what's yours ?


  1. Same question..Did they hit you with those 'Chappus'

    Jst and colors are fabulous

  2. The place looks beautiful. I love the pictures.

  3. @Tarun
    haha..I stayed far ;)


  4. row row row de boat..
    gently down de stream

    kinda look like the ENRON song

    they rowed rowed rowed enron
    gently down de shtreamm!!

  5. @Socerer
    haha...really...finally its out now


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