Monday, December 14, 2009

Retirement wish

There are few pics which makes me think of retirement, one of them is this one. I would love to spend my last stint in some place like this or should it be the alps ?

How about you ?


  1. burapa aya nahi fir bhi sathiyaanaa shuru :P

  2. Don't forget to consider Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Storms and High Humidity!

  3. @Tarun
    hahaha...may sathiya nahi gayi hoon..

    mera bas chale to may sab chodke world tour pe jaoon....but even for the world tour, i'll need money

    Hmm....I never thought of that...

  4. Always stay near a place with water..
    when in recession you can... bottle it and market it as "pure natural... water"

    just give me a dollar per bottle for this awesome Idea I gave you!

  5. @ megha,

    nice idea this.

    this reminds me of some ommanakutty land ...

    good place to retire in ...

    cheers !

  6. @Socerer
    :) but who would drink that water ;)

    Thanks. Never heard of ommanakutty. Where is it ?

  7. @ megha,

    Ommanakutty is the word given to a traditional keralite lady ... who is beautiful, feminine, elegant and has deep sense of sexuality in her.

    cheers !

  8. @Vamsi
    Ohh...hmm...yes thats right word then for the place.

    I have also heard so much about Kerela. Will love to visit it.

  9. @ megha,

    fun loving lady that you seem to be ... you should.

    cheers !

  10. retirement? Your life would be truly fulfilled if you spent your youth and the best years of life in such a place, wouldn't it? :-)

  11. The picture looks beautiful! I wouldn't mind going for 2-3 days vacation there but I am never retiring ever. The day I retire I'll start complaining that I am bored and drive around me mad! :D I might consider it later but for now I can't imagine retiring.

  12. @Vamsi
    ommanakutty...nice....Thanks ;)

    yes...beautiful life in a beautiful place

    haha...ya i know, it's better said than done. But to keep moving won't I suppose.

  13. beautiful yar :)
    i have not decided yet..but probably a dance school to go to every day with wodden floors and all should do :D

  14. Anirudh
    yea, that also sounds fun :) But if I dance people are gonna stare't misunderstand, I am bad at it.

  15. join my dance school which i will have :D

  16. @Anirudh,
    haha...sure sure, unless you promise that you wont kick me off later, that would be heartbreaking to know..

    jokes apart, I like to watch dance be classical or bollywood or international...

  17. :) come one yaar why would i, blog friends get concession ;)
    do check out the shows on bbc and axn dance with the stars and so you think you can dance

  18. @Anirudh
    wow, concession ? that sounds attractive.

    Done. You'r going to tell me first when you open it.

  19. @Anirudh
    wow...I am gonna learn dancing...I have to tell all my friends....see how you got me hyper...


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