Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rebelling monochrome

The flowers glorified the space. Red, yellow blue, pink, they spread in the midst of sweet fragnance they'd gifted the wind. They were soft, tender, the way they should be.

Among them, was this one, standing out even among the thousands. It was just opposite of them, big and bright. It's petals were thick. It stood straight on the thick thorny stem, different and unusual. A wild wind had blown it in, a wild seed, one day, probably to set a change, probably to start a new beginning.

Even among them, it was out of them. Out of thin air, a hand stretched out and plucked it off.
You know, Different is odd.


  1. hmm..well said..
    be different..as so the world to choose!

  2. @ megha,

    i am sure when you call that wild flower as "different" ... it will take it as a compliment ... because that is how it is ... the odd one in the crowd.

    @ sorcerer,

    i agree, the choice is in the eyes of the beholder ... either you "accept fully" or "reject fully".

    not in between ... and if you play games with the wild flower, then chances are your hands would glide onto the prickly thorns, making your fingers bleed.

    be careful, diabolical that you are.

    cheers !

  3. @Socerer
    Ya right.

    hmm..ya that's too one of a perspective...but not always the different one is harmful.

  4. Being different is odd but good! :)

  5. now odd has a new meaning!

    it is the NEW BLACK :)

  6. @AD
    you mean, trendy or there's a negative connotation ?

    sorry, i didn't get u, coz black have many and diverse meanings...

  7. Or what if different is even.....

  8. @Tarun
    If different is even, will it still be different ?



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