Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gimme a break…

Once a year, everyone is unhappy. When ? The appraisal time. Those who work would understand. This year was no different. The recession, budget, blah blah, they have enough reasons to say no. 

Promoted or not, everyone’s dissatisfied. Why ? the increment is nothing but peanuts, as usual.

The recession is fading and market is opening up. People are looking out.

But you know, it’s a cycle, just like what we have Project Life cycle, as usual.

Dissatisfied ? –> Resign –> Join another company –> again dissatisfied –>

This goes on, on and on…


  1. oooohhhhh!!!
    The life's vicious circle...

    That is one specific mindset of humans on which corporates survive..

    Welcome to the real world..

    Take the blue pillow...well you sleep
    take this red will still sleep..
    weekend... grab a pillow and sleep!!

  2. Become a sadhvi..if that helps....but even there exists competition who is more nearer to god....:D

  3. I agree! We are always greedy for more and rarely appreciate what we have. I think dissatisfaction pushes you ahead mainly when you take a step, but when it starts to affect your personal life i.e. sitting around miserably in self pity when you don't get promoted, then it doesn't really help much.

  4. @Socerer
    yups...but u know even the weekends looks boring :( I have done enough of sleeping :(

    Sadhvi ? haha...I am very materialistic...and it's very difficult for me to be contented...

    very true. we are never satisfied and as I wrote to tarun, i m materialistic, so its even difficult for me. Small things too make me happy, but when it comes to career, I look in terms of money and quality work, if any of it is falling short, m frustrated. Thanfully I have had good work, but so should be my grade and package, after all MONEY matters the most, right ?

    I always wanted to ask, what's your real name ? ;)

  5. Megha are you a Taurus? I don't really believe in zodiac much but you sound like a Taurus. To an extent I'm materialistic as well and I understand your point we need security in life.

    My thoughts are scattered on it technically I know this world revolves around money but I dislike it when people spoil relationships due to money.

    mi tula contact karoon sankte ek naav tar aahe paan mi thodi hesitant aahe. Hope you understand :)

  6. @Mia
    haha...yea, I am taruan..i suppose a typical one. But my moonsign(naav rashi) is Leo, and I have those streaks too(i guess it's a wild combination)

    btw, i am not at all money oriented in life, yes I am materialistic but care for relationships too and wouldnt ever think of ruining them for money.

    you marathi ? good..vaatla navta :) ka ? asach :D and I can understand, ani "Mia" khoop cute naav ahe, was just curious so asked ;)

    Well I like your commenting style, very friendly and warm :)

  7. Megha: Yes. That is a strong combination.

    I don't think any of one of us is but in general I have seen some people are like that. Have you heard the Tiger Woods story?

    mi tula via contact me message pathavla. That's so nice of you to say. Thank you :)

  8. @mia
    Yes, dunno how many more hidden stories would surface ? But is he tauruan ? You know Taurun are faithful. BTW what's your sunsign ?

    I recieved your mail and replied too. Hope u got it.

  9. @Megha: He is a Capricorn. That's true. My sun sign is Taurus as well.

    Yes, I got your email :)

  10. @mia
    hehe...tauran u too ? cool.

  11. hehe you summed it up beautifully :D


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