Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dive down ?

Saw this ? Now imagine this -

You are taken to the top of the hill (you can see some crowd near the parasail), put into a really big ball, and the ball is pushed down, you come tumbling, head up head down…that’s Zorbing


You are taken to the top of the hill, you sit in the parasail, you know now that you have to dive down…that’s Paragliding

Well, I did nothing of this. I just enjoyed it from far, you know clicking pictures.

Just from the top to down paragliding was 600 bucks and 1500 bucks for a hour long drive, or sail. Actually I really wanted to do the paragliding stuff, to be precise, the hour long drive (huh). We all thought that we should keep the activities for the last day. But later, I slept over and missed all of it.

But even now when I think of it, I can’t imagine myself diving from that height (though there’s a driver to your back who actually directs the parasail). I am terrified of HEIGHT (the steep ones).


You too ?


  1. you should try para gliding..its awesome...
    its better than flying in an aluminium tube..
    you can feel the wind on your face..

    See.toconquer need to experience it

  2. @Socerer
    so you have tried

  3. Love to do it without the ball and chute...

  4. isnt that solang??
    been there and done both!! its ossum u noe!!:)

  5. I fear heights as well but that sounds so cool I want to try it now. You know that feeling when you conquer your fear.. love that. This depends on the degree of the fear as well though. Love the picture!

    P.S - Are you terrified of snakes well? If you say yes, then I swear we are twins or something! lol. So much in common.

  6. Never had the chance to try this, but have tried River Rafting which is ossum!

    Therez no harm in trying this coz usually the fear dissolves soon after the start (if you don't pass out)

  7. @Tarun
    hhmm...I see that the exams are taking the toll on you ;)

  8. @Papillon
    hmm...I had seen the movie papillon and I cried, I don't much cry in any movie.

    neways, Yes it's solang. Ya i can see that both of the activities are awesome.... well, I visited solang for the first time and I fell in love with it.

  9. @mia
    hehe...yea will it be if we are both in the same parachute :D I can't imagine, the world would shake with our shrieks :D

    well, I am not afraid of snakes, not mostly of bigger animals than the smaller animals that are fast :( like flying cockroach or mice ...GOD!!

    ya i must say that we have much in common :)

  10. @Saurabh
    River Rafting, I did try that and it was awesome. Water wasn't much a bit fearsome, but height kills me.

    But I should try once...


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