Wednesday, November 11, 2009


From past few weeks we were been bombarded with the Maoist news. The old enemy turned fierce now. Termed terrorist, they are now serious danger by the Home minister realized. Pakistan, the insurgents, the terrorist were the ones that pose threat till then, now another name with them, the Maoist, targeting everyone.

The Maoist, they are our own country people, turned our enemy. They have to be dealt. But shouldn't the cause that creates Maoist be dealt also ?


And now in the news had been the Marathi verses Bihari. While I write this article I won't deal with the language propaganda, but will just talk about my motherland, Mumbai.

Over years, Mumbai have grown with economically and culturally with people of different states coming together. But in past years, things have changed. The darker side of the city grew more darker. The placid streets started filling with filth. And over the years, the city grew filthier and filthier. Thanks to slums and migration and politicians and their sick vote bank politics.

Have you seen the old Doordarshan advertisement ?
There's a glass jar on the table. One puts a tomato in it, then another, then another. Then he tightens the lid. What happens ? The tomatoes are crushed inside spilling the red juice.

It's the same with the city, my Mumbai. Mumbai has crossed this stage...I would back anyone who stands with the city against the population explosion. But that looks incorrect for many people. I don't back MNS or Shiv sena. For them it's mere politics. But I back the cause.

You would say, India is free country and anyone can travel anywhere.That's true. I repeat, I back the cause, but cannot tolerate illegal occupancy. Now lets take this case. You are happily living in Mumbai. One day you step out of home, and find that there's a shanty on the pavement of your society. Would you try to call BMC and raze it ? Yes, then I back it. Or No, it'll be inhumane ? Then beware, the next day you'll find another shanty beside it. Then another. You'll see them grow in blink of your eye. It will be their permanent place, you cannot do anything but watch the place getting filthier,  the slum people eating, sleeping, washing just there, their children without clothes, running here and there. And beware, while you drive, make sure your car finds our the way even as the kids don't budge, else be prepared to give away the ransom they would demand after....How does it sound ?

Awful, right ? Then how come that when somebody stands against this, he is called inhumane ?


In all this, the main problem stays behind. Why in the first place people have to leave their homeland ? The answer is the same as Maoist. Rich verses Poor.  Ucha verses Neech. Poor get poorer in the Northern India, under the burden of rich. Who can they look up to for help ? The corrupted officials ? The corrupted politicians who support migration but cannot do a bit for helping the locals to get a job in their own home state ?

The problem stays and the wound remains unattended...


  1. For Maoist, how can you deal with the cause when the same terrorist want those cause to be kept alive by their regressive policies.

    For Migration,
    Migration is an extension of human nature, and it is not necessarily born out badness of one place, other place might have the attraction that suits the person's mindset. Yes, I do agree with the vote bank politics and all the filth, but there is something were our civic authorities fail us....

    PS:If migration is such a bad thing then there would be no Einstein today, No Nehru, No Oppenheimner. Even I would be rotting at a paddy field in Banladesh havent my Great grand dad took government jobs and migrated to Calcutta, Allahbad and Delhi.

  2. I am not in a position to comment, since I haven't stayed in Mumbai much, so I can't comment on the migration. I do agree that the darker side of the city has emerged over the years.

    From a neutral stand point I feel we focus more on analyzing the problem and the cause, rather than sparing a lot more thought on the solution. In the end it's the solution that will lead to change.

    We have several national holidays, and we can do a lot for that one day. It will at least be a start!

  3. @Tarun
    You didn't get the point. Like I said, I am not against migration, but against illegal occupancy, the growing slums. And that's what I was commenting on.

    It's always one way people look at the matter. The other is always discarded.

    You are right. But looking at our politician's propaganda, their frivolous fights, I don't think anything good will ever happen. The slums are a big vote bank you know :(


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