Saturday, November 21, 2009

The White misty beauty

I wanted to share this beautiful image of the Himalaya

It was the day we had to trek to Dhundi, Himachal Pradesh, India and camp there for two nights. But when we got up, we were surprised by the sudden turn of events. It was raining heavily and the Himalayas looked misty with snowfall. I was very happy not too long as we were informed that we could camp only if it stops raining. I took a couple of pics. It looked beautiful. Luckily it stopped raining by the end of the day and we could camp for one night.


  1. It looks beautiful! Snow always manages to look so pretty in pictures.

  2. Really great and interesting place!! Now I'll check out your other blog..Have a nice week!//Eva

  3. @mia
    really, just the pic gives the chill...

    Thanks. It's definitely a beautiful place...

  4. Maybe I'm used to it. I don't know. I actually mind the windchill more than the snowfall, which is a hassle while traveling. Sometimes there is very little snowfall, but there is a higher windchill, while at other times there is a lot of snowfall, but very little windchill.

  5. @mia
    i don't know whether u are aware of Mumbai climate...for even the pic of snow seems a blessing :D

    you are right about the wind. It makes the feel temperature colder than it is...

    I remember the days in netherlands, when we have to wait for bus, how chilling it was, even few minutes seemed like hours.

  6. I have seen Mumbai climate during summer but not a whole lot, and it is insane. I have actually lived in two extremes. I lived in a desert (like place) for nearly half of my life, and then I moved to the land of snow. This year for the first time in years we haven't had snowfall yet, which is so awesome! :D

    Yep, very true. It does feel like hours, plus you hate the cold.

    How did you find netherlands? I have never been there, so I'm quite curious to know if you don't mind sharing :)

  7. This pic reminds me of our college camp to HP (Dharamshala)... The snow looks awesome

    And those trees remind me of the cones we picked like crazy... One of them is still on my table!

  8. @Mia
    It was a wonderful experience. I spent some weekends in other countries too, travelling to known cities. And I could see the difference, Netherlands is much well maintained and clean country. People are humble and ready to help..

    I too have the curiosity for different cultures, that you share.. would be glad to answer your questions

  9. @Saurabh
    Never been to Dharamshala, but I have heard its bit warmer than other parts of HP..was it winter ?

  10. Thanks for sharing Megha :)

  11. @mia
    One more thing, if possible you must see one thing for sure THE TULIPS GARDEN....wonderful

    Will share the pics, thanks for reminding me the beautiful scene :)


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