Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stolen Moments : Waves

It was early December. The night was dark and cool. The beach was deserted and desolated. The shore was lit dimly and discreetly by the houses along the curve. The sea was hidden in the darkness, only the sound of splashing waves could be heard. The cool breeze flew in her room with the salty fragrance inviting her towards itself.

She found it too appealing not to venture out. She decided she would just trail near the old house. It was safe but still she feared the stark darkness and desolation. She stepped out. The cool breeze was hitting her bringing her goosebumps. As she moved away from the shore the sound of the waves grew more prominent, more inviting. She could feel the sand getting wet and soft. She stood in the cold water, waiting for the sand to swamp her feet in it like she used to do in her childhood. The white surf calmly came and washed her feet. It was a beautiful feeling and suddenly she missed the feet, also merging in the sand beside her. For some moments she kept looking at the sand to her left wishing the gap to fill.

She got a peck on her cheeks. She turned. He garlanded his hands around her neck. Her eyes widened. "Adi", she was about the yell but he gagged her with his hand. "Shh...we are closer to home.  Let's go there" he pointed towards the old fort. They walked, she ahead of him, his hands still around her neck.

"So now you got time from your friends ? You must be missing them na ?" she said sarcastically.
"I have invited them here. I need to look what they need and all"
"But.." before she could say, he said down and pulled her down.
"Are you going to spoil such a beautiful atmosphere by quarreling"
"No" she said softly pulling the word long.

They sat holding hands, cuddling, watching the moon and stars. The trawlers were few and far than usual as if they too want the two to be alone. The light house on the old fort threw light over the waves making it sparkle as and when it blinked.

The air was getting colder. He pulled her closer and said softly, "I want you to say it again".  "What?" she said with a naughty smile. He didn't say, just smiled. She looked around as if suddenly realizing that they are in open. There was no one around and the long hunched trees seemed to have hunched more to hear her. He could see that she was blushing, her cheeks were red and eyes watery. He couldn't stop smiling and admiring her.

Her words were lost in the wind as the only trawler who lit up suddenly by the lighthouse was waving them for it's new journey and wishing for the best life journey of the new wedded couple.

P.S : This is my first venture in Romantic genre, I hope it's good. I just couldn't think of the a name for this post. Could you ?


  1. Nice one....and for the name Stolen Moments: Wave is good

  2. I'm not a fan of romance, but I liked the story, especially the setting :)

  3. Thanks Mia. Actually speaking even though I am not fan of romance, but i do like to write romantic stuff. But you know there's romance is such a genre that's different for different people. One has to be careful while writing, that's why this late start. But would be trying to write more of this, and of different types.

  4. hi

    nice story. while reading it, feels that we ourseleves are in that story.

  5. @Megha: I like the simplicity of the story, and you are really good at it. I would agree that it has to be handled carefully, else it becomes too filmy.

  6. Thanks mia for the encouragement :)

  7. Nicely written... I'm SO not used to reading romance, that I was reading on and waiting for some twist or something horrible to happen. Thankfully it didn't

    You know what....... I Enjoyed it!

  8. @Saurabh
    Thanks :) glad to hear that u liked it...

  9. nice first attempt..i read your other story today and you have improved :)

  10. Thanks Anirudh. hopefully it'll keep improving :)


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