Friday, November 27, 2009

The sad news : the aftertalks

After two days, the sadness of the news of the girl has now subsided and the aftertalks have started. People are hearing new angles of it. Yesterday we got to know that the girl was five months pregnant and then the conversation started.

"She will come back" said my neighboring aunty.  And almost everyone in the house nodded.

"She will" they said.

"Not necessary" I objected. A conversation is not good without opposition, as it is I am always alleged for opposing, whatever be it.

"What are you saying. The girl had not even completed half of her life. Wouldn't her atma(soul) be restless ? Off course she will come back"

"She should come back and teach these people a lesson" my aunt said, I couldn't make out if her words meant a revenge or the thrill.

"She will not. It's not always that every a victim comes back" I refuted.

"OK. SHE WILL NOT COME" my mom said irritated.

"I was just telling my views" I surrendered.

Then the other stories poured in. Everyone had at least one. I remember when I was in engineering, one lady had burnt herself in the toilet. There were talks that the husband and in laws did it. For the whole year the family slept with the lights on. This I can account for. I saw the home always lit, even in the midnight. (Now you would ask, what I did in the midnight ? I was studying. Did I peek in their house ? No, they lived in the next building, I could see their windows )

"Remember Shaila" the same curious aunty asked my mom. She was talking about a lady who died two decades ago.

"She burnt herself. And everyone thought she'll come back.But she never did" I could feel the disappointment in her tone. I imagined the neighbours waiting earnestly for days that something would happen in their neighbor but it didn't. (There are such neighbours too, is it funny ?)

Human nature is really weird. How at one time when people were so sorry for the poor girl, now they were engrossed in stories told and untold. Nobody wants to miss even a bit of it (I confess here, that includes me too).


  1. It took me a few seconds to figure "She will come back".

    I don't blame you for opposing. I know I would totally be like "Come back? If she comes back there is a possibility she might be REALLY annoyed by people that can't stop gossiping and speculating and they say never ever ANNOY atma's" :P

    That will greet pin drop silence and I'll be termed as a horrible person but at least it will put a stop to the unending gossip.

  2. This is the society....I might not elaborate further but I still stand what I had said who are gossiping on it

  3. @Mia
    hehe....we share some thoughts :)

    Do you think that it's only the ladies that are gossiping ? If yes then you are wrong, even the men are eager to know things..

  4. it was difficult to get the context megha..would help if you set it up for the post :)..nicely done in the end

  5. Anirudh,
    that's not a story. It happened in our area. The previous post related to this can be found here -


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