Saturday, November 07, 2009


This post is dedicated to the brighter younger generation of today. Last weekend I went to my mama's (maternal uncle) place to give the Diwali sweets.

The first thing I did after entering the house is to place my cell phone to some secret place, out of my cousin's reach. My cousins are young kids in 7th and 4nd standard. No sooner they rushed in somehow they got hands on my papa's cell phone. Then began their exploration.

We had finished our meal and everyone was having the afternoon nap. My cousins were beside me, fighting for the cell phone, thinking it was mine.

She is not giving me the phone. She had it for long time. You tell her to give me the phone now, the elder complained.

I'll give you the phone for some time, but you will not give it back, I know, the younger retaliated.

So I intervened and took the phone from little Ria, who was playing songs and clicking random photos of whatever she got sight on.

I handed it to Swapnil and warned to take care of it. In no time, I found that he had explored almost all features of the phone. He had transferred the songs that he liked via Bluetooth to mama’s phone, added other details like address etc to mama & mami's contact, played games and scored highest, and then in few minutes he was talking about the different Mobile services that have now entered the market.

Dad is going to purchase new Docomo card. But the service is not good, he was said to me.

Many people have loop, he continued. I was amazed by this kid. Later my mami told me that my other uncle usually come to Swapnil when something goes wrong in his mobile.

Gosh! These are no more kids! They are kidults! Guess what would be the future generation ?


  1. We had seen our future few years back in an MMS...the kidult use of mobile technology..

    Well these are the things I can fairly say we did when we were young also...then these fancy sets weren't there 3310 and 3315 were exploited by us only so was new CTV or DVD player...this is geekism and in not limited to new generation

  2. Isn’t awareness an excelling trait?
    State-of-the-art technologies only catalyses the process.
    It’s the microscopic look that gives us the jitters.

  3. i can assure you i did none while i was growing up :$

    p.s. my first cell phone came when i turned to be wed

  4. That is exactly the reason why I never let my kid bro handle my gadgets....

  5. @Tarun
    I am happy the way the kids are developing today. But in this process somewhere the innocence is lost(here, i dont mean by technical knowledge). Have you heard them talking ? They talk like adults...

  6. @tangyorangesour
    Yes, it's a good trait, I am happy with it and was not a critic as I wrote this post.

  7. @Americanising Desi
    hehe too...I got my first cell in my engineering :(

    yups...whenever my cousin kids are visiting, all of my family does the hiding :)


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