Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Gray

Once the world was Black and White
They burned the black and saved the white

But the pressure was always there
Won't dare to be the dark
Won't dare to be in fray
For you'd be termed as black
And it would turn to be your doomsday

How convenient is today
For there's no black and white
There's only gray
There's only gray

Can dare to be in fray
And lie all the way
For nobody bothers
As they too are in one or the other fray
How easy is the gray
How easy is the gray

You kill and still stomach it
You do all wrong, don't dwell on it
Throw the money and everything's hidden
In this world of gray, it can be done, undone

Coz here no one is perfect
Only things that works is the dime, my friend
If you have it then nothing like it
You are tagged, so are others
It's the world like it

There is no black
There is no white
No one is killed
And no one is saved
Coz Its the world of gray
Its the world of gray
 by Megha


  1. yeah it surely is a world of gray!!

    as always..
    loved reading your poems!

  2. Its Gray you say
    As the color of world's way
    But let me say
    My hairs are still black
    My mom's hairs are gray
    But that doesn't say
    She has the dime
    dime for a black is a crime

  3. Hmm...thats quite a sequel...

  4. lovely poem stories and poems..all in one shot :) loving it

  5. Anirudh,
    tough not as good as you..

  6. come on yaar..blogging is individualistic..each one of us has a different style..i like yours..more the stories..we should comment in marathi what say :D

  7. @Anirudh
    ho...saglyancha ek style asta...ani kharach poems madhe tu khoop chan ahes...mi ajun khoop lamb ahe tyamanane...

    btw, mi marathi madhe lihitey khari, pan tula samjel ka ...hehe...


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