Thursday, November 05, 2009

Diwali colors

The Forsaken took all of my Diwali and days after the festival. I am still under the mental transition from Story mode to casual blogging mode. The Forsaken was a long story and somehow my mind(blogging) got adjusted to it. Now I have to extricate mind from it.

So to start with, I am posting some of the Rangolis that we(my sisters & I) made in Diwali. Though this comes after a long time after Diwali, please bear with me, as I said I am unwinding from story mode and this is the simplest thing I can do.

So here's the creativity from my sisters (and myself, I guess self-praise is ok sometimes).







I had participated in a Rangoli competition in our office. Here's it. I didn't win, the prize went to the one with Global warming theme. I should have known :(

And this one's on "Tulshi cha lagna"(Marathi)/ "Tulsi Vivah". I don't know how many Indians do have this ritual. But in Maharashtra, it is celebrated with the ceremony of wedding Tulsi to Krishna. We do the pooja and the magalashtaka like what we do in real wedding. It's ambivalent day for the Pundits coz people are on hunt to find one who would do the puja, the pundits are on their toes this day.

Tulshi cha lagna is awaited day by all, coz it comes after few days of Diwali. After a span of days, people come down to streets again, lighting the crackers they had kept apart for the last day.

It is also marked with sadness as it's the last day of Diwali, last day of Indian festivals that would then start only the next year, last day of making Rangolis, last day of the crackers, last day of the lantern, last day of hand-painted diyas. Oh! The festival is such a beautiful festival. Like we used to do say in childhood days, I love Diwali very much!


  1. Your Rangolis are fimply awefome...

    And don't be sad, An art to create to satisfy a desired objective, not winning a competition. Take heart from Van Gogh who was discovered the world only after his death. :P

  2. rangoli's khup sundar ahe! :)

  3. @Tarun

    Thanks. Mahit navta tu marathi ahes te.


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