Monday, November 30, 2009

Cute kids:What's on their mind ?

Thought of this idea. Would share some archive images from my photoblog with few facts and anecdotes to share.

These are Himachal kids. They were playing without caring the dust that banked on their faces (that made them more cute). I noted that the people care little over looks. No sunscreen at this high altitude (above 8000 ft.) Most of the people have faces sunburnt. When we went for trekking, we loaded layers of sunscreen, yet the sun managed to make our faces red. Some were unrecognisable. In the pic you could see how the kid's faces amost sunburnt.

Btw, a blog friend commented that the older kid seems to be thinking of attacking me with the hanger. What do you think. What's on their mind ?


  1. I will still say what I had said :D

  2. older one:want to trade the hanger for the ca.mera

    younger one: iam going to make an offer you cant refuse.

  3. @Tarun
    hmm...I wasnt ready for a beating

    hehe... irresistible that would be a long list..

  4. Little kids are so adorable but then they grow up and turn into people like us! :D

    Maybe I'm looking at it differently but the older kid doesn't look he is thinking of attacking you. Notice the way he is holding the hanger close to his shirt, plus his expression. I guess we all interpret things differently. The second kid reminds me of someone who appears older for their age. He looks so serious, plus he is bare feet. Was it cold there? I notice rocks behind them as well.

  5. I wish there was a edit feature.

    You know Megha you come across as a really sweet and friendly person on the blog. I don't think you would be much different in reality so don't think he would attack you considering that.

  6. @mia
    wow...I have to show your comment to my sis and friends who happen to think the other way(and i differ;)

    That was the sweetest comment I have recieved till date on my blog :) Thanks dear.

    About the pic, you have done good analysis. I cant stop admiring the kids. Yes it was cold. It's Solang valley in Himachal Pradesh. I was wearing layers and look at these, they are bare footed.


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