Saturday, November 14, 2009

Books : Unsatisfied

The White Tiger’ by Arvind Adiga & ‘Unaccustomed Earth’ by Jhumpa Lahiri was what I was reading in past few weeks.

When I started with The White Tiger, I had much expectations from the Man Booker prize winner than what it actually delivered. It started off well. The life of a poor in the village, burdened and hopelessness was stirring, but as the story moved it lost the steam. At one point I inadvertently closed it dashing the hardcover between both hands and uttered 'Disgusting'. Maybe that's what the author was up to, to make the disgusting facts reach the readers.

It was good in bits and pieces. At times it made me curious and at times chuckle but otherwise it was monotonous.

The next I took in hand was the ‘Unaccustomed Earth’. As I reached half way, I was waiting for it to end. The book has short stories where the protagonist is an NRI(mostly Bengali) and the story revolve about his/her life in the foreign land. Probably the reason I didn't like it is because I found it little incongruous or little different  to read Indian living the American way. Actually that's the soul of the book, but I was unable to connect. Or probably I should have picked some thriller before starting with Unaccustomed Earth after the monotonous The White Tiger.

Has anybody read these ? What's your view ?

Whatever. Now I want something light. So started with ‘Catch-22’.


  1. I haven't read the books, but I'll check them out soon. Indian living the American way? Hmm. To be honest with you people change when they get to a foreign land. Suddenly the accent seems appealing, and being American is "cool". For some reason most people start to feel their image as an Indian isn't very good.

    So, if the character was young, then I won't be surprised if they changed, unfortunately youngsters do change, but there are exceptions!

  2. I forgot to specify this earlier. Most Indian movies portray the culture outside of India to the extreme. Each culture is unique, and has its own pros + cons.

    We all change to adapt to our surroundings, but when people change to the extreme and forget their principles, morals and ethics. That's when they have crossed a limit. Though again it's their life and their choice!

  3. Sometimes I really get the feeling that Indian authors are over hyped. At least, I never seem to like a book by an Indian author that earns high praise in the west. :P I'm just unable to connect with whatever is written.

  4. Thanks Mia and Whiteopal for commenting.

    You are true. One has to adapt to surroundings, the new home, but somethings just doesn't fit in.

    Welcome back. Hope that you don't disappear again ;)

  5. I couldn't help but agree to some of the comments.

    It just doesn't feels that right.

    Not that we needed any proof, but its quite evident reading our country's misery somehow appeals the first world.

    I was equally disappointed if not more after reading white tiger. Would have been a time spent well had I picked up a gossip magazine.

  6. Thanks tangyorangesour for reading and commenting. So I am not alone who's disappointed with the book.

  7. Though I live on a peaceful alley so don't expect much of a traffic for the new sign I put up.


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